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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Identity Theft - Don’t Get Hooked

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Federal Documents

FR 4.2/9-5:ID 2 x

Identity Theft.  Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 200?

FR 4.2/9-12:ID 2 x   (videocassette)

Identity Theft: Protect Yourself.  Federal Reserve Banks of Boston and SanFrancisco, 2000.

FT 1.2:ID 2 x

Identity Theft: Reduce your Risk.  American Express, 2002.

State Documents

IL/S 1.2:ID 2

Identity Theft: Don’t Become a Victim.  Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State, 2003.

Local Documents

LocDocD 12.2:F 21

Financial Identity Theft.  DuPage County Sheriff’s Office, 2003.

LocDocD 13.2:P 94

How to Prevent Identity Theft.  Office of the DuPage County State ’s Attorney , 200?

LocDocSMW 2.2:ID 2

Identity Theft: Safeguarding your Personal Information.  Streamwood Police Department, 200?


364.163 Ide

Identity Theft: How to Protect your Name, your Credit and your Vital Information—and what to do when someone hijacks any of these.  Silver Lake Pub., 2004.