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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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A 13.88: PNW-GTR-416
Forest Sustainability; an approach to definition and assessment at the landscape level [microfiche]
A 13.88:PNW-GTR-446
A Guide to Ozone Injury in Vascular Plants in the Pacific Northwest [microfiche]
C 55.2:C 63/18 Coastal Remote Sensing: coastal resource manager's guide
C 55.2: T 43/2003
Reversing the Tide : restoring our nation's coastal environment
EP 1.2: C 43/2/2003
America's Children and the Environment
EP 1.2:C 61/11/TOOLKIT
Climate Change, Wildlife, and Wildlands: a toolkit for teachers and interpreters [Kit: VHS, CD, wheel & trail cards, etc.]
EP 1.2:EA 7/5/998
The Happy Earth Day Activity Book
EP 1.2:G 83 X/FACTS The U.S. Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: fast facts
EP 1.2:R 24/14
Recycling for the Future: it's everybody's business
EP 1.8:C 93
Environmental Curricula Handbook: tools in your 1schools
EP 1.8:EN 8/20
Protecting Our Environment Starts at Home; 5 steps you can take to reduce air pollution
EP 1.17:530-F-99-022 E
St. Paul, Minnesota 23% Waste Reduction Rate in Multi-family Dwellings [microfiche]
EP 1.104: EN 8/3/DRAFT
EPA's Draft Report on the Environment
EP 1.104: R 31/2
Let's Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle [CD]
EP 1.104: T 61/CD
Environmental Curricula Handbook Tools [CD]
EP 1.118: 13
Moving Toward Sustainability
EP 4.2:G 51/3/KIT
Global Warming Wheel Card Classroom Activity Kit : a lesson plan for teaching about global warming and caluculating greenhouse gas emissions in everyday human activities, for students grades 6-8 [kit]
EP 4.27: 530-F-02-005
Recycling is Working in the United States [Microform]

EP 4.52: IM 7
Federal Implementation Plans Under the Clean Air Act [microfiche]
EP 4.52: T 66
Taking Toxics Out of the Air
EP 8.2: W 31
Monitor Your Watershed
EP 8.2: W 53/2 X
Functions and Values of Wetlands
I 19.4/2: 196-A-M
Flow Studies for Recycling
I 19.4/2: 1224
Assessing Ground-water Vulnerability to Contamination : providing scientifically defensible information for makers
I 19.4/2: 1248
Geologic Studies of Mercury by the U.S. Geological Survey
I 19.79:L22/POST. The Geographic Face of the Nation -- land cover : land cover of the conterminous United States,1992 [Poster]
I 19.127: 084-01
New Mapping Techniques Help Assess the Health of Hawaii's Coral Reefs
I 49.2:P 69/12 Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat
NAS 1.86: EA 7/5/CD Welcome to NASA's Earth Science Enterprise : educational CD-ROM
NAS 1.86: IN 8/DISK 1-2/CD
International Course Remote Sensing of the Earth's Environment From Tara
S 1.2:C 61/2/2002 U.S. Climate Action Report,2002 : third national communication of the United States of America under the Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
TD 2.30:00-140
Framework for Evaluating Use of Recycled Materials in the Highway Environment [microfiche]
TD 7.17/2:26-7021-98-1
Clean Air Program; design guidelines for bus transit systems using alcohol fuel [microfiche]
Y 1.1/5:S.RPT.108-312
Dingell-Johnson Sport Fish Restoration Act
Y 4.P 96/10: S.HRG.107-994
Clean Air Act
Y 4.P 96/10: S.HRG.107-1006
Recycling: federal procurement and beverage recycling programs
Y 4.P 96/10:S.HRG. 107-1008
Water Quality in Lake Erie
Y 4.P 96/10:S.HRG.107-1011
Health Impacts Associated with Power Plants
Y 4.P 96/10:S.HRG.108-360
Great Lakes Restoration
Y 4.SCI 2:108-34
Mercury Emissions: state of the science and technology
Y 4.SM 1:108-60
Small Businesses Creating Jobs and Protecting the Environment
Y 4.T 68/2:108-29
Water: is it the oil of the 21st Century?
Y 4.T 68/2:108-35
The Need to Update Water Quality Standards to Improve Clean Water Act Programs

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