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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Energy Conservation

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E 1.2:SCI 2/6

Science and Technology for a Sustainable Energy Future

E 1.99/13:997/2

Earth Sheltered Houses

E 1.99/13:997/3

Automatic and Programmable Thermostats

E 1.99/13: 104

Conserving Energy and Heating your Swimming Pool with Solar Energy

E 1.99/13:123

Careers in Renewable Energy

E 1.99/13:206

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning

E 1.99/13:207

Elements of an Energy Efficient House

Y 4.C 73/8:109-1 Energy Policy Act of 2005

Y 4.G 74/7:En 2/31

Energy Efficiency Improvements in Federal Buildings and Vehicles

Y 4.SCI 2:107-24

Nation's Energy Future: Role of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Y 4.SCI 2:107-43

U.S. Energy Security: Options to Decrease Petroleum Use in the Transportation Sector

Y 1.1/5:109-78

Energy Policy Act of 2005

Y 1.1/8:107-162

Energy Advancement and Conservation Act of 2001

Y 10.2:G 21/4

Reducing Gasoline Consumption: Three Policy Options


C 2600.5 AD23 EE,EH,EM

Adding Energy to the Classroom, Teacher Resource Guides

N 330.3 AN78 2002 APP. 3

Status Report: Low-Emission Vehicles and Alternative Fuel Use

N 330.3 AN78 2000 APP.6 Preventing Pollution, Conserving Resources and Achieving 
N 330.6 R 293

Resource Renew Exchange


Gas Mileage Tips
Lighting Tips
Water Heating Tips
Heating and Cooling Efficiency