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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Looking At Alternatives

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A 1.107:814

Energy Balance of Corn Ethanol: an update  (microfiche)

E 1.2:Al 7/11

Comparative Alternative/Clean Fuel Provisions of the Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Cat

E 1.2:AL 7/2/997

Alternative Fuel Information Sources

E 1.2:F 95/4/997

Taking an Alternative Route: Fueling the Future

E 1.85:

Fuel Economy Guide (online)

E 1.114/4:

Clean Cities Now (online)

E 1.2:2004023379

Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicle Technologies (online)
EP 6.2:P 93 Evaluation of a Toyota Prius Hybrid System Transportation Sector Fuel Efficiency; hearing

Y 4.C 73/7:S.HRG.108-817

Future of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Y 4.C 73/7:S.HRG.109-466

Public Policy Options for Encouraging Alternative Automobile Fuel Technologies; hearing

Y 4.EN 2:S.HRG.110-16

Accelerated Biofuels Diversity; hearing

Y 4.EN 2:S.HRG>110-81

Biofuels for Energy Security and Transportation Act of 2007

Y 4.G 74/7:F 95/10

Hybrid Cars: Increasing Fuel Efficiency and Reducing Oil Dependence

Y 4.P 96/10:S.HRG.106-953

Clean Air Act; environmental benefits and impacts of ethanol; hearing

Y 4 SCI 2:109-23
Fueling the Future; on the road to the hydrogen economy: joint hearing
Y 4.SCI 2: 109-52
Ending our Addiction to Oil: Are Advanced Vehicles and Fuels the Answer? ; Field hearing