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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Census 2010

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C 3.2: V 67/2 Designing P.L 94-171 redistricting data for the year 2010 : the view from the states
Y4.G 74/7: 110-124 Census 2010 : using the communications campaign to effectively reduce the Undercount: hearing before the Subcommittee on Information Policy
Y 4.G 74/9: S.HRG. 111-148 Making the census count in urban America : hearing before the Federal Financial Management, Government Information , Federal Services
Y 4.G 74/9: S.HRG. 109-922 Census 2010, off-line and off-budget : the high cost of low-tech counting
C 3.2: P 86 Income, earnings, and poverty data from the 2007 American Community Survey
C 3.2: 2004011842 Using census data to help local communities; Census Information Centers at work
C 3.2: M 46/2 Measuring America : the decennial censuses from 1790 to 2000
C 3.2: P 69/3 Census 2000 : planning for the 200 round of population and housing censuses
C 3.2: C 33/47/PACK Educators, Census 2000! It's here!
ECP65 A511 CO55 American Community Survey : a handbook for state and local officials