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Minnesota State University, Mankato

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C 3.134:

Statistical Abstract of the United States

D 104.2:H 62

Call Sign - Dustoff; a history of the U.S. Army Aeromedical Evacuation from conception to Hurricane Katrina

D 114.2:An 8/2007

The Battle of Antietam

ED 1.109:

The Condition of Education, 2010

GS 4.113:

Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States

HE 20.7042/6:

Health, United States, in Brief

I 29.2:C 49/5

The Civil War at a Glance

J 28.27/2: P 75/3

The Persistent Pull of Police Professionalism

SI 1.1:

Foreign Relations of the United States

X 1.1/A:

Congressional Record

Y 1.1/2: Serial Set

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution: 1889-1928

Y 1.1/2: Serial Set

Journal of the Congress of Acts and Proceedings

Y 3.L 71:2 EQ 5/3

Equipped for the Future Content Standards; what adults need to know and be able to do in the 21st century

Y 4.AP 6/2:S.HRG.111-348

Health Effects of Cell Phone Use

Y 4.F 76/1: 112-1

Sudan at the Crossroads

Y 4.G 74/9: W 15

Wall Street and the Financial Crisis; anatomy of a financial collapse

Y 4.UN 1/2: M 66

Communist Activities in the Minneapolis, MN area, 1964; hearings

Y 4.W 36: 110-98

Policy Options to Prevent Climate Change

Y 10.19: 20/2

Analysis of the President’s Budgetary Proposals for Fiscal year 2012

Z 2.8:

Secret Journals of Acts and Proceedings