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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Celebrating 40 Years of Govt Documents

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The Civil War

N 16.6: 1/vol. 1
Records of the Unofficial Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion
Y 4.C75: R29/vol.
Report of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War at  the Second Session Thirty-Eighth Congress

World War I

D 110.9: 10
Leavenworth Papers; Chemical warfare in World War I
D 207.10/2: Av 5/2
Naval Aviation in World War I
Y 3. P94/3: 4
The President’s Flag Day Address with Evidence of Germany's Plans
Y 3.P 96/3: 6G
German War Practices; Part I -- Treatment of Civilians

World War II

D 102.8: vol. 1
Trials of War Criminals Before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals
D 104.11: In 8/ v.2
Internal Medicine in World War II; Infectious diseases
D 104.11: P56
Physical Standards in World War II
D 104.11: P92/vol.5   
Preventive Medicine in World War II; Communicable Diseases
D 104.11: Su 7/2
Hand Surgery
D 114.9: Om1
Omaha Beachhead (6 June - 13 June 1944)
W 1.2: N23/vol. 1
Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, vol. 1

Viet Nam War

D 1.2: N88/2 
The Effects of Nuclear Weapons (Nuclear bomb effects computer in pocket in back of book)   
D 101.24: 27-1
Your Conduct in Combat Under the Law of War
D 101.24: 44-5
Fastest Gun in the West
D 301.86/2: L78
Interdiction in Southern Laos, 1960-1968

Iraq War

Y 1.1/8: 107-721
Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002
Y 4.AR 5/3: S.HRG. 107-573
The Weapons of Mass Destruction (fiche)

Census Materials and other Statistics

C 3.28/5: 930/M25/No. 1131
Minnesota 1930 Federal Census, Counties: Stearns (
C 3.134: 928
The Statistical Abstract of the United States: 1928
C 3.134: 2002
The Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2002
C 3.275: B 62/VI-T 00-BLCK-14-001/DVD
Census 2000 Block Maps - PDF files
I 8.5: bk. 1
The Seventh Census of the United States: 1850

Criminal Justice Reports

J 1.14/7: 2001
Crime in the United States 2001
J 1.14/16: F51
A Visual Aid of Firearms Identification
J 28.2: G 15
Responding to Gangs, Evaluation and Research
J 28.23: P 75/4
Police Response to Special  Populations
J 29.13: P 93/8
Lifetime Likelihood of Going to State or Federal Prison
J 32.19: 8/1
School Violence: an overview
J 32.20/2: G 15/2
Youth Gang Programs and Strategies

The Education of our Citizens

FS 2.20: 7-2
High Schools and Sex Education
I 16.5: 902/2
The History of Education in Minnesota
I 16.18/4: 9
How the Kindergarten Makes Americans
I 16.44: 31
Government Publications of Use to Teachers of Geography and Science
I 16.54/9: 20
Discovering Occupational Opportunities for Young Men in Farming

Materials for Children and Teenagers

FS 17.210: 447
Why Nick the Cigarette is Nobody' s Friend
HE 20.402: H 62/3/SPAN
Vamos a Jugar. . .
HE 20.3952: M 33/4/998
Marijuana: facts for teens
HE 20.8002: M 17
McGruff’s Surprise Party (comic book)
HE 20.8302: B39
Is Beer a Four Letter Word?

Careers, Wages, Taxes

L 2.70/4: 46/3
OOQ; Occupational Outlook Quarterly (PER)
L 2.121/23: SA 2C/994
Occupational Compensation Survey: Pay and Benefits, St. Cloud, MN
SSA 1.2: C 86   
Putting Creativity to Work
T 22.51/4: 2002/2
Tax products CD-ROM 2002; miscellaneous tax forms from 2002

Consumer Materials

SSA 1.2: W 89/6/2001
How Work Affects Your Benefits
SSA 1.2: W 89/2001/SPAN
Como el trabajo afecta sus beneficios
SSA 1.2/15: W 89/2/2000
Working While Disabled (Braille)
SSA 1.21: 2001
What You Need to Know When You Get Disability Benefits
SSA 1.21: 2001/SPAN
Lo que necesita saber cuando recibe beneficios de incapacidad

FDA Consumer (PER)

Healthy Living

FS 2.3:103
The Rat; arguments for its elimination and methods for its destruction
FS 2.3: 260
The Prevalence of Disabling Illness Among Male and Female Workers and Housewives
HE 20.3152: C 33/SPAN
El cancer de cervix
HE 20.3152: C 33/4
Truy Tim Ung Thu Co Tu Cung (Vietnamese)
HE 20.3152: H 34/6
5 a Day for Better Health Program
HE 20.3152: M 31/11 GROUP
Mammograms; not just once, but for a lifetime
HE 20.7510: V67
Vietnam Veterans’ Risks for Fathering Babies with Birth Defects

North American Indians

ED 1.319: 1/2
How Wild Horses were Captured; The Indian Reading Series
ED 1.319: 4/Book 19
Tepee Making; The Indian Reading Series
ED 1.319: 4/Book 20
Baskets and Canoes; The Indian Reading Series
ED 1.319: 4/Book 21
Warrior People; The Indian Reading Series
I 12.7: In2/ 1   
The Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory
I 20.2: C 43/5   
Indian and Eskimo Children
I 20.2: Ed 8/9   
Indian Education: steps to progress in the 70’s
I 20.2: F 31/2/974
Federal Indian Policies. . . from the Colonial Period Through the Early 1970's
I 20.51: G 79/968
Indians of the Great Lakes Area
I 20.51/2: F 73
Indians, Food and Cookery

Our Land

I 1.2: P 94/3/2003
Protecting the Nation’s Coral Reefs
I 18.1: 878
Maps and Panoramas
I 19.2: AE 8/2/995
Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images
I 19.2: M66/7
Small-stream Flood Investigations in Minnesota, 1958-1971
I 49.44/2: M 66/2
Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
I 49.100/4: 2003/WIN
Birdscapes, Winter 2003

Looking Beyond Our Shores

D 2.8: G 81/966
A Pocket Guide to Greece
D 2.8: M 58/962
A Pocket Guide to the Middle East
D 2.8: OK 3
D 2.8: T32/974
A Pocket Guide to Thailand
D 2.8: T84/965
A Pocket Guide to Turkey
D 101.11: 30-339
D 101.11: 30-350/2
D 101.22: 20-613
Russian Phrase Book
L 29.16: J 27/2002
Labor Trends; Japan
L 29.16: SR 3/2003
Labor Trends; Sri Lanka
PREX 3.15: 2002
The World Factbook 2002

The Space Program

NAS 1.2: SP 1/48
Space Station:  Policy, planning and utilization
NAS 1.21: 451
Voyages to Saturn
NAS 1.21: 4201/998
This New Ocean
NAS 1.21: 4212
On Mars; exploration of the red planet 1958-1978
NAS 1.83: 1999-08-124-GSFC
Terra Spacecraft: NASA’S Earth Observing System
NAS 1.86: UN 3/2000/CD
Imagine the Universe