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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

The genetics revolution

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 A 17.24:96-08Biotechnology: education and training
A 77.15Evaluation of New Canal Point Sugarcane Clones
HE 20.3417: B52Biogenetics and Tissue Engineering
PREX 8.111/2: 993Biotechnology for the 21st Century: a report
PREX 8.111/2: 995Biotechnology for the 21st Century: new horizons
PREX 1.19:B 52/ST 4 V. 1-3Ethical Issues in Human Stem Cell Research
PREX 1.19:B 52/C 62Cloning Human Beings: report and recommendations of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission
PREX 1.19: B 52/ET 3/EXEC. SUM.Research Involving Human Biological Materials: Ethical Issues and Policy Guidance
Y 1.1/8:H. RPT. 105-239Human Cloning
Y 3. T 22/2: 2 B 52/5Biology, Medicine, and the Bill of Rights: special report
Y 3. T 22/2: 2 B 57/9Biotechnology in a Global Economy
Y 4. AG 8/1: 106-6Agricultural Biotechnology
Y 4. C 73/8: 105-70Cloning: legal, medical, ethical and social issues
Y 4. C 73/8: 107-5Issues Raised by Human Cloning Research
Y 4. J 89/1: 106/121Gene Patents and other Genomic Inventions
Y 4. J 89/2: S. HRG. 102-1134The Genome Project; the ethical issues of gene patenting
Y 4. L 11/4:S. HRG. 105-123Ethics and Theology
Y 4. SCI 2: 105/3Biotechnology and the Ethics of Cloning: how far should we go?
Y 4. SCI 2: 105/66The Human Genome Project: how private sector developments affect the government program
Y 4. SCI 2: 106-7Genetics Testing in the New Millenium: advances, standards, and implications
Y 4. SCI 2: 106-8The Human Genome Project: hearing before the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment