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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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A 1.76:674/V.2 Containers and Growing Media
IL/HE 21.4:935 Growing Small Fruits in the Home Garden
IL/HE 21.4:1013 Growing Tree Fruits in the Home Orchard
IL/HE 21.4:1102 Nut Growing in Illinois
IL/HE 21.4:1150 Vegetable Gardening for Illinois
IL/HE 21.4:1155 Vegetable Minigardens
IL/HE 21.4:1169 Honey: The Natural Sweetener
IL/HE 21.4:1227 Drying Foods
IL/HE 21.12:68 Flowering Trees for the Midwest
IL/HE 25.16:2/2 University of Illinois Extension: Gardener's Corner


IL/CO 4.2:Sp 8 Spring Woodland Wildflowers
IL/DNR 55.12:M 85 Illinois Moths & Butterflies