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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

The Places We Will Go

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D 301.2:F 64/976 Of Flight and Bold Men
D 301.2:H 62/7 From Huffman Prairie to the Moon: The History of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
D 301.26/6:AE 8/4/994 Aerospace Science: The Exploration of Space
I 29.9/5:159 First Flight: The Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Airplane
LC 1.2:W 93 Photographs by the Wright Brothers: Prints from the Glass Negatives in the Library of Congress
LC 1.6/4:W 93 Wilbur & Orville Wright, Pictorial Materials: A Documentary Guide
NAS 1.2:B 46 The Best We Can Be
NAS 1.2:C 46 Chronology of Space Shuttle Flights
NAS 1.2:OR 1/3 Science in Orbit: The Shuttle & Spacelab Experience
NAS 1.2:OR 1/5 Together in Orbit: The Origins of International Participation in the Space Station
NAS 1.2:ST 2/13 NASA Pocket Statistics
NAS 1.19:73 The First Lunar Landing, as told by the Astronauts
NAS 1.19:123 Why Man Explores: A Symposium Held at Beckman Auditorium
NAS 1.21:350 Apollo Expeditions to the Moon
NAS1.21:2002-09-511-HQ Celebrating a Century of Flight -
NAS1.21:2002-4107/CORR. Looking Backward, Looking Forward: Forty Years of U.S. Human Spaceflight Symposium -
NAS 1.21:2003-4316 Crafting Flight: Aircraft Pioneers and the Story of the Contributions of the Men and Women of NASA Langley Research Center
NAS 1.21:4221 The Space Shuttle Decision: NASA's Search for a Reusable Space Vehicle
NAS 1.21:4223 Before This Decade is Out--: Personal Reflections on the Apollo Program
NAS 1.21:4303 On the Frontier: Flight Research at Dryden, 1946-1981
NAS 1.21:4308 Spaceflight Revolution: NASA Langley Research Center from Sputnik to Apollo
NAS 1.21:4312 Dreams, Hopes, Realities: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center: The First Forty Years
NAS 1.83:150 Space Flight: The First 30 Years
NAS 1.83:1999-06-251-HQ The Difficult Road to Mars: A Brief History of Mars Exploration in the Soviet Union
SI 9.2:W 93/2 The Wright Flyer: An Engineering Perspective
SI 9.9:1/1 The First Nonstop Coast-to-Coast Flight and the Historic T-2 Airplane
SI 9.9:1/5 The Wright Brothers' Engines and Their Design


NAS 1.43:AP 4 Apollo Manned Lunar Landing GOSS Mission Profile
NAS 1.43:M 12 McCandless Flies First "Solo" in Space
NAS 1.43:M 35/2 First Mars Landings: Tenth Anniversary
NAS 1.43:M 35/6 Mars Exploration Rovers, 2003
NAS 1.43:SP 1/6 Shuttle Orbiter Challenger and its First Spacecraft Payload
NAS 1.43:SP 1/7 Extravehicular Activity (EVA) on STS-6 Flight
NAS 1.43:SP 1/8 Challenger STS-6 Launch
NAS 1.43:SP 1/9 Space Shuttle Orbiter OV 099
NAS 1.43:SP 1/15 Space Shuttle Lifts Off into Space


G 3182.M3 2001 .N3 2001 Destination Mars          

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