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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Aviation: Then and Now

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D 104.2:H 62 Call Sign “Dustoff”: a history of U.S. Army aeromedical evacuation from Conception to Hurricane Katrina
D 201.2:AV 5/2/2012 Naval Aviation Vision
D 214.13:AV 5/3 100 Years of Marine Corps Aviation: an illustrated history
D 301.2:W 72/5 We Wanted Wings: a history of the Aviation Cadet program
I 29.9/5:159 First Flight: the Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Airplane
I 49.2:B 52/6 Muskeg to Mangrove: a flying biologist’s story…
LC 1.2:W 93 Photographs by the Wright Brothers: prints from the glass negatives in the Library of Congress…
LC 1.6/4:AE 8 Aeronautical and Astronautical Resources of the Library of Congress
LC 1.6/4:W 93 Wilbur & Orville Wright; Pictorial Materials
NAS 1.21:2004-4109 From Runway to Orbit; reflections of a NASA Engineer
NAS 1,21:2005-4112 Realizing the Dream of Flight
NAS 1.21:2007-561 America By Air
NAS 1.21:2010-570 NASA’s Contributions to Aeronautics, V. 1 & 2
NAS 1.21:4411 Psychology of Space Exploration: contemporary research in historical perspective
SI 9.2:W 93/2 The Wright Flyer: an engineering perspective
SI 9.9:1/1 First Nonstop Coast-to-coast Flight and the Historic T2 Airplane
SI 9.9:1/5 The Wright Brothers Engines and Their Designs
Y 4.C 73/7:S.HRG.111-493 Aviation Safety: the Hudson River Midair Collision and the safety of air operations in congested space
Y 4.SCI 2:112-038 NASA Human Spaceflight, Past, Present and Future: where do we go from here?
Y 4.2:EN 2/AV 5 From the Wright Brothers to the Right Solutions: curbing soaring aviation emissions