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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Answer: Use Truncation

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How do I use Truncation?

Truncation means adding a symbol to the root of a word to retrieve its variant endings.

In the MnPALS Online Catalog the truncation symbol is the "?" or " * ". Thus, a search for "market?" retrieves: market, markets , marketer, marketers, and marketing .

Be careful. The search for "cat?" is less efficient because it retrieves: cat, cats, catalog, catacomb, cataclysm, etc!

Truncation allows you to add a symbol at the end of a word root to retrieve variant endings, such as plurals. Other indexes truncation symbols. Here are some examples:

EbscoHost * (asterisk)

Wilson Web * (asterisk)

Cambridge * (asterisk)

ProQuest ? (question mark)

Lexis Nexis ! (exclamation point)

Be sure to check a database's Help section to make sure that you are using the proper truncation symbol.