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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Persistent Links

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Persistent Links


Many databases at Memorial Library have persistent links to the full-text articles that they index. These links allow you to place a link on your D2L page that your students can access at any time simply by clicking on the link and providing their MavMail username and password as login information. To create a persistent link combine the link with this proxy server script:

As an example, if the persistent link is:

this combines to form with the proxy server script to form:

The link to this article on your page would look like this:

Sliding Behavior in Nearctic River Otters: Locomotion or Play?

If you would like to save the above steps you can use the Persistent Links Converter. The Converter performs the steps for you!

Click on a vendor for instructions to creating persitent links for articles form their databases.

ACS EBSCO JSTOR Project Muse ProQuest

Listed below are vendors and the databases from each.

  • Vendor
  • Database
  • American Chemical Society
  • Project Muse

If you have questions on how to create persistent links, please call Paul Wyss, Distance Learning Librarian, at 507-389-2258 or email at