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American Memory: Collections (Library of Congress)
Select "Performing Arts."
The American Memory collection includes printed materials, manuscripts, sheet music, photos, prints and maps, motion pictures available for view, and sound recordings. In addition to keyword and subject heading searches, the user may search by format, date, and geographical area. The twenty-five collections within Performing Arts include material relating to composers Copland and Bernstein, Afro American and Native American music, folk music and other topics.

American Music on the World Wide Web (The Society for American Music, formerly known as the Sonneck Society)
Organized as follows: "World Wide Web American Music Resources" (links to web sites, with annotations), "American Music Resource Centers" (contact information and descriptions, with some links), and "Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music 1870-1885" (from American Memory Collections). Coverage includes classical, popular, sacred, and dramatic music.

dw3 Classical Music Resources - Historic American Sheet Music - The Classical String Quartet
This site was established and is maintained at Duke University and offers links to composer homepages, chronologies and necrologies, national and regionally oriented pages, organizations and centers for scholarly research, electronic journals and newsletters, genre-specific pages and other databases. Links to more than 3,000 carefully selected, non-commercial pages in over a dozen languages.

Classic Net
The user can search by composer or limit search to reviews and articles, books and scores, or links. This site is maintained by dedicated individuals without apparent institutional affiliation. Emphasis is on a list of basic repertoire, CD buying guide, composer information, reviews, and articles.

IAWM: International Alliance for Women in Music
This site is developed and maintained by members of the IAWM and contains more than 4500 pages of archival resources on women. Subdivisions include art, articles, audio, bibliographies, composition lists, syllabi, discographies, early music composers, educator resources, ensembles, festivals and concerts, publisher catalogs, historical composers, images, libraries, opportunities, periodicals, radio, and resources for composers.

Classical Music Navigator
This project was conceived by Western Kentucky University librarian and researcher Charles H. Smith who, with assistance from Brian Newhouse and Amy Wiedenbein, has gathered the information. The site indexes 444 composers, statistically chosen, and allows search of a basic library of notable work, a geographical roster, an index of forms and styles in music and links to other significant sites.

All Music Guide
This commercial site sponsored and maintained by AMG offers a well-organized Index of information about music styles (including many style and chronological subdivisions), music maps, articles, a glossary, along with bibliographies and discographies. Links include (keyword searching for composers; with articles and very useful bibliographical and disco graphical information),, and

Necrology File
Maintained by the staff of Gaylord Music Library, Washington University Libraries. Established in the mid-80s, this site exists to report the deaths of prominent and not-so-well-known musicians. Information is taken from media publications subscribed by the library.