Journal Cancellations - FY2009

Periodical Titles Call Number Format Cancelled Ongoing Online Access
(El) Pais Newspaper Print Yes
ABA Banking Journal HG1501.B6 Print Yes
Academe LB2301.A3 Print Yes
Accounting Historians Journal HF5601.A34 Print Yes
Accounting Horizons HF5601.A33 Print Yes
Accounting Review HF5601.A6 Print Yes
Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica RC321.A185 Print Yes
Adolescence BF724.A3x Print Yes
Ageing International HV1451.A33 Print Yes
Agricultural History S1.A16 Print + online Yes
Agronomy Journal S22.A7 Print Yes
Amerasia Journal E184.06A44 Print + online No
American Anthropologist GN1.A5 Print Yes
American Antiquity E51.A52 Print Yes
American Archivist CD3020.A45 Print Yes
American Biology Teacher QH301.A7 Print Yes
American Economic Review HB1.E26 Print Yes
American Educational Research Journal L11.A66 Print Yes
American Educator L11.A68 Print Yes
American Ethnologist GN1.A53 Print Yes
American Family Physician R11.A44 Print + online Yes
American Forests SD1.A55 Print Yes
American Journal of Agriculatural Economics S560.A4 Print Yes
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition RC584.A5 Print + online Yes
American Journal of Health Behavior RA421.H4184 Print Yes
American Journal of Health Education LB3401.S3 Print Yes
American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Medicine R726.8.A47 Print Yes
American Journal of Human Genetics QH431.A1A5 Print Yes
American Journal of International Law JX1.A6 Print Yes
American Journal of Medicine RC60.A5 Print Yes (2 year embargo)
American Journal of Occupational Therapy RM735.A1A5 Print Yes
American Journal of Orthopsychiatry RA790.A1A5 Print Yes
American Journal of Psychiatry RC321.A52 Print + online Yes
American Journal of Psychotherapy RC321.A54 Print Yes
American Journal of Public Health RA421.A41 Print + online Yes
American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology RC423.A1A43 Print Yes
American Machinist TJ1.A5 Print Yes
American Nurse RT1.N43 Print Yes
American Scholar AP2.A4572 Print Yes
American Scientist LJ85.S502 Print Yes
American Teacher L11.A43 Print Yes
Americas F1401.A57 Print Yes
Americas (Spanish) F1401.A573 Print Yes
Analyst QD71.A45 Print + online Yes
Annals of Botany QK1.A47 Print Yes (1 year embargo)
Annals of the Entomological Society of America QL461.E62 Print Yes
Anthropological Literature (Ceased publication)   Print
Archives of Environmental & Occupational Health RC963.A22 Print + online Yes
Archives of Neurology RC321.A67 Print + online Yes
Archives of Sexual Behavior HQ1.A7 Print Yes
Asia-Pacific Development Journal HC411.A7 Print Yes
Astronomy QB1.A7998 Print Yes
Auditing HF5667.A79 Print Yes
Auk QL671.A9 Print + online Yes
Behavior Therapy RC489.B4B435 Print Yes
Behavioral Interventions RJ505.B4B45 Print Yes
Biophysical Journal QH505.A1B538 Print Yes (1 year embargo)
BioScience QH1.A277 Print + online Yes
Birth RG651.B54 Print Yes
Black Scholar E185.5.B575 Print Yes
Book Review Digest Reference Z1219.C96 Print No
Brandweek HF5801.A43 Print Yes
British Journal of Psychiatry RC321.J82 Print Yes
British Journal of Psychology BF1.B7 Print + online Yes
Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books Z1037.A1C4 Print Yes
Business History Review HF5001.B8262 Print Yes
California History F856.C24 Print Yes
Canadian Geographer G1.C28 Print Yes
Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice HV6001.C3 Print Yes
Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology BF1.C3 Print Yes
Canadian Journal of Microbiology QR1.C25 Print Yes (6 month embargo)
Canadian Journal of Nursing Research RT1.N83 Print Yes
Canadian Journal of Zoology QL1.N1532 Print Yes (6 month embargo)
Career Development for Exceptional Individuals LC3981.C35 Print + online Yes
Cataloging & Classification Quarterly   Online No
Change LB2300.C51 Print Yes
Chemical Communications QD1.C48 Print + online Yes
Chemistry World QD1.C743 Print + online Yes
Chicago Tribune Newspaper Print Yes
Child Care, Health & Development RJ101.C48 Print Yes
Child Welfare HV701.C52 Print Yes
Children and Schools LB3013.4.S62 Print Yes
Christian Century BR1.C45 Print Yes
Christian Science Monitor Newspaper Print Yes
Christianity Today BR1.C6418 Print Yes
Circulation RC681.A1C6 Print Yes
Cognitive Therapy and Research BF311.C5535 Print + online Yes
Collection Management Z703.6.D4 Online Yes
Columbia Journalism Review PN4700.C64 Print Yes
Commentary DS101.C63 Print Yes
Communication Disorders Quarterly RJ496.C67J68 Print + online Yes
Communication Yearbook 2nd Floor PN87.C5974 Print No
Comparative Literature PN851.C595 Print Yes
Computer Journal QA76.C57 Print Yes
Computerworld TK7885.A1C6 Print + online Yes
Construction Equipment TA1.C766 Print Yes
Contemporary Theatre, Film & Television Reference PN2285.C58 Print No
Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly LB2326.3.C6 Print Yes
Counselor Education and Supervision LB1027.5.C6 Print Yes
CPA Journal HF5601.N53 Print Yes
Criminal Law Reporter KF9215.B8x Print No
Crisis E185.5.C92 Print Yes
Cross Country Skier GV854.9.C7S3 Print Yes
Decision Sciences HD30.23.D4 Print Yes
Design News TA175.D4 Print Yes
Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology RJ1.D4 Print Yes
Diabetes Care RC660.A1D49 Print + online Yes
Digestive Diseases & Sciences RC799.A63 Print Yes
Ecological Applications QH540.E273 Print + online Yes
Ecological Monographs QH540.E28 Print + online Yes
Economic Botany SB1.E3 Print Yes
Economic Geology & the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists QE1.E15 Print Yes
Economic Journal HB1.E3 Print Yes
Economic Policy Review HC101.E43 Print Yes
EDN TK1.E266 Print Yes
Education and Treatment of Children LA217.E3658 Print Yes
Educational Forum L11.E29 Print Yes
Educational Media International LB1043.E3 Print Yes
Educational Psychologist LB1051.E35 Print Yes
Educational Theory L11.E5135 Print Yes
Electronic Design TK7800.E37 Print + online Yes
Elementary School Journal L11.E6 Print Yes
Environment UF767.S33 Print Yes
Ethnology GN1.E86 Print Yes
Evolution QH301.S753 Print + online Yes
Exceptional Parent HQ773.E93 Print Yes
Families in Society HV1.J56 Print Yes
Family Process RC488.5.A1F3 Print Yes
Family Relations HQ1.F36 Print + online Yes (1 year embargo)
Feminist Teacher LB2837.F45 Print Yes
Financial Accountability & Management HJ101.F56 Print + online Yes
Financial Analysts Journal HG4501.A7 Print + online Yes
Financial Management HG1.F5 Print Yes
Futurist HN51.F8 Print Yes
Generations HQ1060.G46 Print Yes
Genetics QH431.G43 Print + online Yes (6 month embargo)
Geriatrics RC996.G4 Print Yes
Gifted child quarterly LC3991.G54 Print Yes
Global Health Promotion RA440.A1P765 Print Yes
Health and Social Work HV687.5.U5R4 Print Yes
Hispanic Review PQ6001.H5 Print Yes
History and Theory D1.H8173 Print Yes
History Notes (Virginia Historical Society) F221.V8 Print No
History Teacher D1.H8177 Print + online Yes
Hospital Topics RA960.H58 Print Yes
Human Development QP86.V5 Print Yes
Human Factors T58.A2H8 Print Yes
Human Organization GN1.H83 Print Yes
Human Resource Management HF5549.A2M3 Print Yes
Hydraulics & pneumatics TC1.A5 Print Yes
IBM journal of research & development TK7800.I14 Print Yes
Immigration and Ethnic History Newsletter E184.A1I44 Print No
Immunology QR180.D63 Print Yes (1 year embargo)
Inc. HD2346.U5I55 Print + online Yes
Indian Horizons DS501.I36 Print No
Indiana Magazine of History F521.I52 Print No
Industry Week TS300.I745 Print Yes
Information Standards Quarterly Z678.85.I54 Print Yes
Information Technology, Learning and Performance Journal HF5547.5.A1D34 Print Yes
Internal Auditor HF5667.I52 Print Yes
International Affairs JX1.I53 Print Yes
International Dental Journal RK1.I56 Print Yes
International Gymnast GV461.M6 Print Yes
International Journal of Eating Disorders RC815.2.I57 Print Yes
International Journal of Electronics TK7800.I573 Print + online Yes
International Journal of Group Psychotherapy RC488.A53 Print + online Yes
International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science & Technology QA11.I57 Print + online Yes
International Who's Who Reference CT120.I5 Print No
Intervention in School & Clinic LC4001.A25 Print + online Yes
Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing RJ245.J686 Print Yes
Journal ofAbnormal Child Psychology RJ499.A1J57 Print Yes
Journal of Accountancy HF5601.J7 Print Yes
Journal of Accounting Research HF5601.J75 Print Yes
Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy LB1050.J6 Print Yes
Journal of Advertising Research HF5801.J6 Print Yes
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis BF636.A1J6 Print + online Yes
Journal of Asian Studies DS501.F274 Print Yes
Journal of Athletic Training GV201.A8 Print + online Yes
Journal of Behavioral Medicine R726.5.J68 Print + online Yes
Journal of Biological Chemistry QP501.J7 Print Yes
Journal of Business Finance & Accounting HG11.J66 Print Yes
Journal of Business Strategy HD28.J593 Print + online Yes
Journal of Cell Biology QH301.J677 Print + online Yes (6 month embargo)
Journal of Child and Family Studies RJ499.A1J595 Print Yes
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines RJ499.A1J6 Print Yes
Journal of Clinical Psychiatry RC321.D5 Print Yes
Journal of Correctional Education HV8874.J67 Print Yes
Journal of Counseling and Development HF5381.A1045 Print Yes
Journal of Dental Research RK1.J76 Print + online Yes
Journal of Drug Issues HV5800.J68 Print + online Yes
Journal of Early Intervention LB1140.A1J687 Print Yes
Journal of Economic History HC10.J64 Print + online Yes
Journal of Economic Issues HB1.J64 Print + online Yes
Journal of Economic Literature HB1.J6 Print Yes
Journal of Economic Perspectives HB1.J643 Print Yes
Journal of Education for Business HF1101.J6 Online Yes
Journal of Educational Measurement LB1131.A1N32 Print Yes
Journal of Emotional & Behavioral Disorders LB1139.E5J6 Print Yes
Journal of Environmental Quality S1.J78 Print Yes
Journal of Experiential Education L11.J767 Print Yes
Journal of Experimental Botany QK1.J763 Print Yes (1 year embargo)
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance BF1.J604 Print Yes
Journal of Food Science TX1.F65 Online Yes
Journal of Forensic Sciences RA1001.A57 Print + online Yes
Journal of General Psychology BF1.J64 Online Yes
Journal of Genetic Psychology L11.P4 Online Yes
Journal of Gerontological Nursing RC954.J67 Print Yes
Journal of Health & Human Services Administration RA960.J687 Print Yes
Journal of Heredity S494.A2J7 Print Yes
Journal of Infectious Diseases RC110.J6 Print Yes
Journal of Intellectual Disability Research RC321.J78 Print Yes
Journal of International Affairs JX1.C6 Print Yes
Journal of Investigative Medicine R11.J67 Print No
Journal of Learning Disabilities LC4001.J65 Print + online Yes
Journal of Mammalogy QL700.J6 Print + online Yes
Journal of Manufacturing Systems TS176.J687 Print Yes
Journal of Marital and Family Therapy HQ1.J47 Print Yes
Journal of Marketing HF5415.A2J6 Print Yes
Journal of Marketing Research HF5415.2.J66 Print Yes
Journal of Marriage and Family HQ1.J48 Print Yes
Journal of Medical Microbiology QR46.J6 Print + online Yes (1 year embargo)
Journal of Modern African Studies DT1.J68 Print + online yes
Journal of Motor Behavior QP351.J65 Online Yes
Journal of Negro Education LC2701.J6 Print Yes
Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease RC321.J83 Print Yes
Journal of Nursing Education RT71.J6 Print Yes
Journal of Nutrition RM214.J6 Print + online Yes
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing RG951.J15 Print + online Yes
Journal of Parasitology QL575.J68 Print + online Yes
Journal of Personality BF1.J66 Print Yes
Journal of Personality Assessment BF698.J65 Print Yes
Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance GV201.J6 Print Yes
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management H61.J68 Print Yes
Journal of Psychology BF1.J67 Online Yes
Journal of psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services RC440.J65 Print Yes
Journal of Public Health Dentistry RK61.J6 Print Yes
Journal of Research in Music Education ML1.J6 Print Yes
Journal of Risk and Insurance HG8011.J64 Print Yes
Journal of SchoolHealth LB3401.J7 Print Yes
Journal of Sex Research HQ5.J6 Print Yes
Journal of Social Issues HN51.J6 Print Yes
Journal of Southern History F206.J68 Print Yes
Journal of Special Education LC4001.J65 Print + online Yes
Journal of Speech, Language & Hearing Research RC423.J7 Print + online Yes
Journal of Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness RT1200.J6 Print Yes
Journal of Supply Chain Management HF5437.A2J6 Print Yes
Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners RT82.8.J68 Print Yes
Journal of the American Statistical Association HA1.A6 Print + online Yes
Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior BF1.J69 Print + online Yes
Journal of Urban Affairs HT101.J6 Print Yes
Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindeness HV171.O85 Print + online Yes
Journal of Wildlife Diseases S960.J6 Print Yes (18 month embargo)
Journal of Wildlife Management SK351.J68 Print + online Yes
Justice Quarterly HV7231.J87 Print Yes
Labor Law Journal K12.A2 Print Yes
Land Economics HB1.J65 Print Yes
Language, Speech & Hearing Services in Schools RC423.A1L28 Print + online Yes
Law and Contemporary Problems KF175.L3 Print Yes
Law and Society Review HM34.L3 Print Yes
Learning Disability Quarterly LC4704.L424 Print Yes
Library Hi Tech Z671.L699 Print Yes
Library Hi Tech News Z671.L71 Print Yes
Library Quarterly Z671.L713 Print Yes
Library Trends Z671.L6173 Print Yes
Machine Design TJ1.M15 Print + online Yes
Management for Strategic abusiness Ideas HF5601.C66 Print Yes
Management International Review HD28.M36 Print Yes
Material Handling Management TS149.F45 Print Yes
Mennonite Quarterly Review BX8101.M4 Print Yes (3 year embargo)
Microbiology QR1.J64 Print + online Yes (1 year embargo)
Microwave Journal TK7876.M536 Print Yes
Middle East Journal DS1.M5 Print Yes
Middle East Policy DS63.1.A44 Print Yes
Midwest Studies in Philosophy B1.M52x Print Yes (1 year embargo)
Modern Materials Handling TS149.M63 Print Yes
Monthly Review (New York) HX1.M66 Print Yes
Music Educators Journal ML1.M81 Print Yes
Musical Times ML5.M85 Print Yes
National Parks SB482.A466 Print Yes
National Petroleum News HD9560.1.N3 Print Yes
Navajo Times E99.N3N31 Print (newspaper) Yes
NEA Handbook Refernce L13.N4625 Print No
Negro Educational Review LC2701.N393 Print Yes
New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development BF721.N49 Print Yes
New Directions for Teaching and Learning LB1025.N48 Print Yes
New Directions for Youth Development RA790.N48 Print Yes
Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom Z671.N47 Print Yes
Novel: a Forum on Fiction PS371.N6 Print Yes (1 year embargo)
Nucleic Acids Research QP620.N8 Print Yes
Nursing Forum RT1.N78 Print Yes
Nursing Times RT1.N82 Print Yes
Nutrition Reviews TX341.N85 Print Yes
Occupational Health and Safety RC963.A37 Print Yes
OECD Observer HQ240.A102 Print Yes
Pacific Affairs DU1.P13 Print Yes
Pacific Historical Review F851.P18 Print + online Yes
Pacific Northwest Quarterly F886.W28 Print No
Peabody Journal of Education L11.P35 Print Yes
Perceptual and Motor Skills BF311.P36 Print Yes
Personnel Psychology HF5549.A2P53 Print Yes
Perspectives in Psychiatric Care RC321.P4 Print Yes
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health HQ763.F33 Print Yes
Physical Therapy RM695.A53 Print + online Yes
Physics Today QC1.C82 Print Yes
Pipeline & Gas Journal TP757.P55 Print Yes
Plant Cell QK725.P532 Print Yes (1 year embargo)
Plant Engineering T155.A1P53 Print Yes
Plant Physiology QK711.P692 Print + online Yes (1 year embargo)
Policy Studies Journal H1.P72 Print Yes
Political Quarterly JA8.P72 Print Yes
Political Research Quarterly JA1.W4 Print Yes
Practical Accountant HF5601.P69 Print Yes
Presidential Studies Quarterly JK501.C44 Print Yes
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of theUSA Q11.N26 Print Yes (6 month embargo)
Progress in Human Geography GF1.P76 Print + online Yes
Progress in Physical Geography G1.P686 Print + online Yes
Promotion & Education RA440.A1I57 Print Yes
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal RC439.5.P89 Print Yes (1 year embargo)
Psychiatry RC321.P93 Print + online Yes
Psychological Record BF1.P68 Print Yes
Psychological Reports BF21.P843 Print Yes
Psychological Science BF1.P816 Print Yes
Psychology in the Schools LB1101.P75 Print Yes
Psychology of Women Quarterly HQ1206.P76 Print Yes
Psychotherapy RC475.P73 Print Yes
Public Administration Review JK1.P85 Print Yes
Public Opinion Quarterly HM261.A1P8 Print Yes
Publisher's Directory Reference Z282.B65x Print No
Reading Research Quarterly LB1050.R42 Print Yes
Reading Teacher LB1573.R28 Print Yes
Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin LC5219.R4 Print + online Yes
Remedial & Special Education LC4001.D5 Print + online Yes
Reproduction QP251.J75 Print + online Yes (1 year embargo)
Research on Social Work Practice   Online Yes
Research Quarterly for Exercise & Sport GV201.R4 Print Yes
Resource Sharing & Information Networks Z672.R48 Online Yes
Review of Economic Studies HB1.R4 Print Yes
Review of Educational Research L11.R35 Print Yes
Review of Politics JA1.R4 Print Yes
Roeper Review LC3991.R63 Print Yes
Russian Life DK1.U67 Print Yes
Russian Review DK1.R82 Print Yes
Scholastic Choices TX1.P7 Print Yes
Science Q1.S35 Print Yes
Semiconductor International TK7871.85.S464 Print Yes
Serials Librarian   Online Yes
Sex Roles HQ1075.S4 Print + online Yes
Slavic Review DQ377.A1A5 Print Yes (2 year embargo)
Slavonic and East European Review D377.A1S65 Print + online Yes (4 year embargo)???
Social & Economic Studies HN244.S6 Print Yes
Social Justice HV6001.C674 Print Yes
Social Psychology Quarterly HM1.S8 Print Yes
Social Work HV1.S68 Print Yes
Social Work Research HV1.A2 Print Yes
Society H1.T72 Print + online Yes
Sociological Perspectives HM1.P33 Print + online Yes
Sociological Review HM1.S7 Print + online Yes
Sociology of Education L11.J76 Print Yes
Southern Economic Journal HC107.A13A76 Print Yes
Strategy and Leadership HD28.P57 Print + online Yes
Studies in the Novel PN3311.S7 Print Yes
Systems Research and Behavioral Science BF1.S94 Print Yes
Teaching Sociology HM1.T43 Print Yes
Tech Directions T61.S35 Print + online Yes
Tech Trends LB1043.A815 Print Yes
Technical Services Quarterly   Online Yes
Television Quarterly PN1992.T45 Print + online Yes
Textile World TS1300.T36 Print Yes
Topics in Early Childhood Special Education LC4001.T66 Print + online Yes
Training HF5549.5.T7T67 Print Yes
Twentieth Century Literature PN2.T8 Print
Urban Studies HT103.U7 Print + online Yes
USA Today L11.S36 Print Yes
Variety PN2000.V3 Print Yes
Virginia Magazine of History & Biography F221.V91 Print Yes
Volta Review HV2350.V7 Print Yes
Volta Voices HV2510.V65 Print Yes
Washington Post Newspaper Print Yes
Washington University Journal of Law and Policy K27.A82 Print Yes
Weatherwise QC851.W42 Print Yes
Western Folklore GR1.C26 Print Yes
Wildlife Monographs QL1.W54 Print Yes
Wilson Journal of Ornithology QL671.W7 Print Yes
Wisconsin Law Review K27.I7 Print Yes
Women + Environments International Magazine HQ1101.W655 Print Yes
Women's Studies Quarterly HQ1101.W7 Print Yes
World Economic and Social Survey Reference HC59.A169 Print Yes
World Economic Situation and Prospects Reference HC59.15.W67 Print Yes
World Oil TN860.O5 Print Yes
Year's Work in Ciritical and Cultural Theory 2nd Floor PN80.Y43 Print No
Year's Work in English Studies 2nd Floor PE58.E6 Print No
Young Exceptional Children LC4019.3.Y68 Print Yes