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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Instructions for Suggesting Book Orders

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Book Order Forms

Teaching faculty who want to suggest books for Library purchase need to use the Recommendation for Library Materials  form.  This form is available in all academic departments from the faculty liaison.  If you are unsure of who your departments liaison is, click on the Liaisons link on the collection development page, then on the Liaisons by department listing. One form should be filled out for each title.  If you want to suggest a series for purchase, one card should be filled out for each item in the series.  If there is a special series price, attach all the cards together and include a flier or catalog if you have one. The more complete and accurate the information on the card the faster the turnaround time on the order.  Essential information includes author, title, publisher, date, requester,s name, department name, and ordering priority.   If the publisher is unfamiliar to you, please include the address, if you have one.  Including a catalog or flier is often helpful.  Fill in other spaces on the order form if you have the information requested. Return the forms to the library liaison for your department.  The name of the liaison for your department is included on the Liaisons by department listing.  Your library liaison can also answer any specific questions you might have about the ordering process.

Choice Cards

The Library subscribes to a review service specifically for academic libraries called Choice.  Once a month reviews printed on cards are received at the Library, divided by subject area, and sent out to faculty liaisons in the departments.  Some subject areas are much better covered by Choice cards than others, and the cards are not available for all subject areas.  However, the reviews are done by teaching faculty in each subject and can be a valuable resource.  Choice cards can also be stapled to the Recommendation for Library Materials form in lieu of writing out the bibliographic information.  As with the notification slips, the Library needs the requester's name, department name, and ordering priority.