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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Brock/Otto Hall of Champions

Alumni Exhibit

Selected objects from the Alumni exhibit are described below.

Mankato State Teachers College Freshman Beanie and sign

Mankato State Teachers College 1970 College Freshman Beanie and sign. Sign is from page 53 of the 1961 Mankato State College Katonian Yearbook.

Large Background Photo of the Alumni Arch

Large Background Photo of the Alumni Arch. An arch from MSU's former laboratory school from its lower campus location was incorporated into the design of the plaza near the bell tower. Dollars raised from the sale of almost 500 bricks and a generous donation from the MSU Alumni Association funded the first phase of the plaza which surrounds the arch. Names and sentiments from MSU alumni and friends are represented in the bricks in the plaza, which was dedicated in July 1993.

Questions about the Hall of Champions

Please contact the University Archives if you have questions about the Hall of Champions.