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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Upper Midwest Regional Honors Council. Collection, 1967-2014

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Minnesota State University, Mankato,
Memorial Library, Southern Minnesota Historical Center.
Upper Midwest Regional Honors Council. Collection, 1967 - 2014.
SMHC Manuscript Collection 257

Upper Midwest Regional Honors Council. Collection, 1967-2014. SMHC Manuscript Collection 257. 2 Archive Boxes, 2 cubic feet.


The Upper Midwest Regional Honors Council (UMRHC) collection includes materials from conferences, membership, correspondences and financial materials. The UMRHC, which also goes by the name Upper Midwest Honors Council, began in 1967 and the collection materials end in 2014. The main function of the organization is to hold yearly conferences, promote those conferences, and act as a treasury to finance conferences. A government board of students and faculty also runs yearly meetings where locations for up-coming meetings are selected, constitutions are created and amended and other policy decisions are made.

Historical Note:

The Upper Midwest Honors Council was created in 1967 and is associated with the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC). The UMRHC operates in schools in the Midwest and allow closer travel distance for conventions compared to the NCHC. States included: Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan. In addition to conferences, the UMHC has a newsletter The Sisyphean and The Communique to highlight academic work from students in the UHMC. The UMHC attends an annual conference with the NCHC. The UMHC also helped fund semesters abroad like Mexico and Puerto Rico to help immerse students in different settings to learn about their culture, history and academic life

Scope and Content:

The collection contains primarily three types of records: conference, executive secretary, and financial materials. The majority of the records are related to conferences. These files often include agenda, treasure reports and minutes. The most complete files are from 1980-2014. Upper Midwest Regional Honors Council consists mainly of documents relating to regional conferences. An agenda, treasury report, and minutes are part of the information contained in the conferences especially in the collection from the 1980s until 2014. NCHC conference material and correspondence that UMHC received are also part of the collection. The Executive-Secretary of the group responded to honors program directors from other areas, including directors from the NCHC, and had responsibilities such as collecting institutional dues, creating surveys, member lists, and answering general questions about the organization---a major focus of those questions was conferences. Financial paperwork and member lists are included in the conference folders; however, some financial paperwork, member lists and other assorted information appears separately in their own folders.


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Upper Midwest Regional Honors Council. Collection, 1967-2014. SMHC Manuscript Collection 257, Southern Minnesota Historical Center, Memorial Library, Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Chris Corley donated this collection in May 2015.

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Michael Collins processed this collection in October 2016.

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SMHC Manuscript Collection 257BoxFolder
Board of Governors Meeting, 1975124
Conference Material, Graceland University, 1974-1975118
Conference Materials, UMHC at NCHC, Council Meeting, Albuquerque, 1982145
Conference Materials, Andrews University, 198524
Conference Materials, UMHC at NCHC, Council Meeting, Baltimore, 1990220
Conference Materials, Beloit College, 196913
Conference Materials, Carthage College, 1975-1976127
Conference Materials, Carthage College, 1982146
Conference Materials, Carthage College, 1993229
Conference Materials, Central Michigan University, 1978134
Conference Materials, UMHC at NCHC, Council Meeting, Chicago, 1991224
Conference Materials, UMHC at NCHC Council Meeting, Denver, 2007235
Conference Materials, Dickinson State University, 2007234
Conference Materials, Drake University, 2005231
Conference Materials, Great Plains Regional, 1981143
Conference Materials, Gustavus Adolphus College, 1977131
Conference Materials, Hamline University, 1967-196812
Conference Materials, Illinois Benedictine College, 1990221
Conference Materials, Illinois State University, 198525
Conference Materials, Iowa State University, 1979137
Conference Materials, Iowa State University, 1988213
Conference Materials, Kent State University, 1978133
Conference Materials, Loras College, 1969-1970 15
Conference Materials, Marquette University, 1973-1974116
Conference Materials, Nazareth College, 1971112
Conference Materials, UHMC at NCHC, Council MeetingNew Orleans, 1989217
Conference Materials, North Dakota State University, 1972115
Conference Materials, North Dakota State University, 1981142
Conference Materials, North Dakota State University, 1991225
Conference Materials, Northern Illinois University, 1973117
Conference Materials, Northern Illinois University, 1983-1984148
Conference Materials, Saint Cloud State University, 2006233
Conference Materials, South Dakota State University, 2010237
Conference Materials, St. Norbet, College, 196711
Conference Materials, University of Minnesota, 1989218
Conference Materials, University of South Dakota, 1983149
Conference Materials, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 1992226
Conference Materials, University of Wisconsin-Stout, 2008236
Conference Materials, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, 1980140
Conference Materials, University Wisconsin-La Crosse, 1987211
Conference Materials, Western Regional Honors Council, 1981144
Constitution and Bylaws, 1972, 1974-1976114
Correspondence, 1972-1973113
Correspondence, 1975-1977122
Financial Dues, 1969-197517
Financial Dues, 1989222
Financial Information and Dues, 1988214
Financial Information, 1990223
Financial Information, 1991227
Honors College Annual Report, 1974-1975119
Materials, Honor Program Requirements, 1969-197216
Meetings, Agenda, Treasure Report, Business Correspondence 1970-197218
Membership Applications and Community College Membership drive 1985-198623
Membership Dues and Treasury Reports 1989, 1991-1993216
Membership Dues and Treasury Reports, 2005-2010228
Membership Information, 1975-1988129
Membership List, 1981-1989141
Membership Roster and Addresses, 1975-1982128
Membership Roster and Mailing List, 1970-197619
Membership Roster list and Treasury Reports 2006-2008260
Midwest Honors Association, 1978-1979136
NCHC Conference Materials, 1979138
NCHC Conference Materials, Chicago, 1975126
NCHC Conference Materials, Dallas, 1987212
NCHC Conference Materials, La Fayette 1976130
NCHC Conference Materials, Las Vegas, 1988215
NCHC Conference Materials, Memphis, 198421
NCHC Conference Materials, Miami, 1986-198728
NCHC Conference Materials, Philadelphia, 1983151
NCHC Conference Materials, Salt Lake City, 198526
NCHC Conference Materials, Salt Lake City, 2002230
NCHC Conference Materials, St. Louis, 1974120
NCHC Conference Materials, St. Louis, 2005232
NCHC Conference Materials, Washington D.C., 1977132
NCHC Constitution and By-Laws, 198629
NCHC Correspondence, United Nations semester, 1983-1984150
NCHC Membership roster, 1971-1975111
NCHC Mexico Semester, 1986-1987210
NCHC Nominations and Procedures 1975123
NCHC Puerto Rico Semester, 1983147
Newsletter Communique, 1984-198922
Newsletter Northeast Regional, 1980-1981139
Newsletter Sisyphean, 1978-1984135
Newsletter, 1971-1973110
Recruitment Materials 1985-198727
Recruitment Materials, 1988-1989219
Regional Meeting minutes, Pullman, Washington 1975125
Student position papers and information about honor programs, 1974 121
Survey Questions about Honors Programs, 196914