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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Republican Women of Mankato. Collection, 1949 - 1961.

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Minnesota State University, Mankato,
Memorial Library, Southern Minnesota Historical Center
Republican Women of Mankato Collection, 1949 - 1961.
SMHC Manuscript Collection 249

Republican Women of Mankato Collection, 1949 - 1961. SMHC Manuscript Collection 249. 1 Hollinger box, 1 cubic foot.


The Republican Women of Mankato collection mainly deals with the Republican clubs and individuals in the Mankato area. The majority of this collection deals with the Republican Party in Minnesota, and the Mankato and Blue Earth County area more specifically, but there is a considerable amount of documents involving the party on the national level. The collection contains newsletters, pamphlets, letters, and party policy papers.

Historical Note:

The Minnesota Federation of Republican Women (MFRW) was founded in 1938 and has continued to represent the women of the Republican Party in Minnesota. The material in this collection appears to come from Mrs. June Ogle, as there are letters addressed to her and her name appears multiple times at the top of documents. Mrs. Ogle was the wife of Republican State Representative and lawyer Arthur H. Ogle, who represented Blue Earth County in District 8. Mrs. Ogle was a member of the Mankato Federation of Republican Women, which is a branch of the Minnesota and National Federation of Republican Women. The Mankato branch no longer exists.

Minnesota Federation of Republican Women:
National Federation of Republican Women:

Scope and Content:

The Republican Women of Mankato collection contains letters, handouts, newsletters, party information, and much more. It has been broken up into a few series, newsletters, pamphlets, Mankato Republicans, Minnesota Republicans, and National Republicans. There is some overlap in each series, but they are all worth a looking through to gain the full perspective of the involvement of women in the Republican Party in Mankato, MN.

Newsletters: This collection of newsletters ranges from regional to national, with the largest group of newsletters comes from the national level. They span from the late 1958 to 1961, with the majority being in 1960-61. Many of the newsletters prior to 1960 are about the upcoming election and how Nixon was doing. Other newsletters cover future plans for the party, new laws and bills passed, and how members of the party can help.

Pamphlets: The pamphlets in this series are aimed at both new and long term Republicans. Many of the pamphlets contain information on party policies, how government works, and recruitment of future Republicans. The pamphlets range from the Young Republicans and recruitment to instruction and lessons on how the government works. These handouts and pamphlets are meant to inform their readers about the positive aspects of the party, and how they are helping the country in a positive way.

Mankato Republicans: This series in the collection contains documents pertaining to the Republican women in Mankato. There are meeting details, minutes, membership records, party resolutions, and accounts of trips to the legislature. These are invaluable resources for the study of political parties in the region. They show the demographics of the organizations and how they operated. Letters and personal note show the local groups relationship with the national organization.

Minnesota Republicans: The Minnesota Republican series contains very similar information as the Mankato group, but it pertains to the entire state and not just Mankato and Blue Earth County. The Minnesota series includes information on the Centennial anniversary of the state, county maps, constitution of the Republican Party of Minnesota, Republican Party platforms in the state, and notices of meetings.

National Republicans: The National Republican series in this collection refers to anything that does not solely pertain to Minnesota or Mankato. It is one of the larger series in the collection and contains many varied documents. The main group in the series is the National Federation of Republican Women, which still exists. Like the other series the National Republican series contains information on party platforms, instructions, group by-laws, and information on party leadership and structure.


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Republican Women of Mankato. Manuscript Collection, 1949-1961. SMHC Manuscript Collection 249, Southern Minnesota Historical Center.


Donated by Lori Lahlum in June 2014. This collection was purchased at a re-sale store in Blue Earth County.

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Josh Smith processed this collection in September 2014.

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Women & Politics,
Republican Party (Minn.),
Women Political Activists,
Mankato (Minn.)

SMHC Manuscript Collection 249BoxFolder
Minnesota Federation of Republican Women’s Clubs Newsletter Vol.1 No.2 196011
Minnesota Republican News Vol.1 No. 3 April 1, 196112
National Council of Republican Workshops Newsletters December, 1958 and December, 1961 3
Republican Clubwoman March,1961-May, 196114
Republican Workshop Bulletin February, 1958- September, 196115
Washington Newsletter October, 1960, November-December, 1960, January, 196116
From Town Hall to Statehouse: A Quick Course in Local Government, A Quick Course in Practical Politics, Undated17
Gold Mine of Facts For Republican Women, Undated18
Guaranteed Annual Inflation, 195719
Minnesota Republican State Central Committee Principle 1948, September 16, 1950, Party Platform June 3, 1960110
Ninety Days of Lawmaking in Minnesota 1949111
The Young Republican National Federation First Voters: Who Are You, Undated112
Mankato Republicans  
Blue Earth County Resolutions March 24, 1958, 1961113
Letters, December 16, 1957, May, 1958, May 11, 1958, March 17, 1959, March 24, 1959, March 24, 1959, April 1, 1959, May 14, 1959, May 12, 1959, June, 1959, June 5, 1959, July 10, 1959, July 13, 1959, March 2, 1960, March 13, 1961, March 24, 1961, April 25, 1961.114
Mankato Federation of Republican Women Constitution and by-laws, 1956115
Mankato Federation of Republican Women Meeting Brochures, 1959116
Mankato Federation of Republican Women Membership list, 1959, 1960117
Mankato Tax Dollar: How Will It Be Divided in, 1961118
Miscellaneous Handwritten Notes, Undated119
Newspaper Clippings, Undated120
Republican Women of Mankato Invitations, Undated121
Trip to Legislature Notes, Undated122
Minnesota Republicans  
Centennial Bulletin April, 1958 No.16, Literary Landmarks Bookmark, Minnesota Centennial Train Pamphlet123
Minnesota County Map December, 1954124
Minnesota Employees Association Seating Arrangement of 61st Minnesota Legislature, 1959125
Minnesota Federation of Republican Women’s Clubs Bill Becomes a Law, 1953126
Minnesota Federation of Women’s Republican Clubs Biennial Convention Program May 21-22, 1959127
Minnesota Federation of Women’s Republican Clubs Lion Lies Down With The Lamb As The Bears Laugh and Laugh February 14, 1961 128
Minnesota Federation of Women’s Republican Clubs Proposed Revisions to Constitution and By-Laws January 22, 19591 29
Minnesota Precinct Chairman and Chairwoman List, Precinct Officers Card, 1958130
Minnesota Republican Platform February, 1953131
Minnesota Republican Party State Organization, 1957132
Minnesota Republican Party Trunk Line March 6-13, 1958133
Minnesota Republican State Convention Republican Platform for 1959134
Minnesota Republican Workshop Notice of Annual Meeting September 15, 1960135
Minnesota State Capitol Tour Workbook and Questionnaire, 1961136
Republican Party of Minnesota Constitution November 3, 1951, September 15, 1956137
National Republican Party  
A “Highlife” Political Women’s Meeting February, 1961138
The American Way of Life, Undated139
Burns, James MacGregor Articles, Undated 140
Goldwater. Barry Who Speaks For Labor, 1960141
How To Vote By Absentee Ballot, Undated142
How Would You Vote Questionnaire, Undated143
National Federation of Republican Women: Price and Specification of Regulation Pin and Guard, Program Series on Government Executive Departments, Undated144
National Council of Republican Workshops Why The Republican Workshop Pamphlet, Republican Workers Manual, Republican Workshop: A Modern Idea, Materials For Discussion Leaders, Undated145
National Federation of Republican Women:
By-Laws Pamphlet January 1, 1953
Postcard June 12, 1959
National Federation of Women By-Laws, 1953147
National Federation of Women’s Republican Clubs Activities Handouts and The Ten “Knows” of Political Leadership, Undated148
Party Platforms Leadership, and Finance, Party Structure and History, Politics and The Two Party System, Discussion Techniques and General Bibliography, Undated149
Precinct Caucus in Three Steps February 22, 1958, Republican Precinct Caucuses, Undated150
Proposed Amendments to By-Laws, Undated151
Republican Egg Heads List152
Republican Party Workshop Notes September 24, 1959, September 29, 1959, September 5, 1961153
Republican Questionnaire, 1961154
“What Can The Republican Workshop Do To Enlist The Independent Voter In The Republican Party”, Undated155
Women’s Division Republican National Committee Ninth Annual Republican Women’s Conference Brochure, 1961156