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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Faust, Claire E., 1920-2010. Oral History Interview, 2008.

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Minnesota State University, Mankato,
Memorial Library, Southern Minnesota Historical Center
Faust, Claire E., 1920-2010. Oral History Interview, 2008.
MSU Archives Collection 1792

Faust, Claire E., 1920-2010. Oral History Interview, 2008. SMHC Manuscript Collection 1792. 2 folders and 1 audiofile.


The Claire E. Faust collection consists of an audio recording, biographical form, and interview outline of an oral history interview conducted between Faust and Mark Sheehy in February 2008. Faust was principal of Wilson Campus School from 1962-1966. In this interview, Faust talks about the changes he observed at Wilson Campus School from 1962-1977, different students that went through Wilson, and what he did after his time at Wilson.

This oral history interview was conducted as part of the Wilson Campus School Oral History Project conducted by the Southern Minnesota Historical Center at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Biographical Note:

Claire E. Faust was born in 1920 in Iowa. He held a bachelor's degree from Central College, a master's degree from the University of South Dakota, and a doctorate from the University of Iowa. Dr. Faust was married to Hazel Faust and had three sons, Randall, John, and Doug.

Dr. Faust's affiliation with then Mankato State College began in September of 1962. He was hired as an associate professor in the Professional Education Division and part of his assignment included serving as principal of the Wilson Campus School. He was promoted to Professor in 1965 and taught in the Educational Administration Department until July 1976 when he was named Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs. He became Acting Director of Administrative Services in 1980, was named Vice President for Administrative Services in 1982 and served in that capacity until his retirement in December 1985.

Dr. Faust remained actively involved with Minnesota State Mankato throughout his retirement and was often on campus working in the Emeriti Faculty Office. His interpretive essay, "Mankato State University: The Second Century - The First Twenty-Five Years 1968-1992," remains an authoritative account of our history. He and his wife, Hazel, were valued members of the University community and made it a priority to attend various campus events-theatre and music events, social gatherings, lectures, emeriti functions and donor events. A special seat was reserved for him each year at the President's Convocation where he carefully noted the President's priorities for the coming year and vision for our University.

Beyond the University, Dr. Faust was active in the community. He was elected to the City Council in 1987 and served until 1990. He was a longtime member of the Mankato Kiwanis Club and was instrumental in the beginnings of the campus Circle K in 1979. Dr. Faust served as the Kiwanis (and often faculty advisor) to the MSU Circle K for 31 years. He was involved with his church, the arts, and Boy Scouts, to name just a few. His life was about serving and he did so with enthusiasm and hard work.

Dr. Faust passed away on February 8, 2010

Information taken from the collection and news articles and tributes published following his death.


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Faust, Claire E., 1920-2010. Oral History Interview, 2008. SMHC Manuscript Collection 1792, Southern Minnesota Historical Center, Memorial Library, Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Claire E. Faust donated this collection on February 26, 2008.

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An archives student worker processed this collection in April 2010.

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Faust, Claire E., 1920-2010. Collection, 1963-2006. SMHC Manuscript Collection 222, Southern Minnesota Historical Center, Memorial Library, Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Faust, Claire E., 1920-2010, interviewee.
Faust, Claire E., 1920-2010--Interviews.
Sheehy, Mark, interviewer.
Wilson Campus School.
Oral History.

SMHC Manuscript Collection 1792



Oral History Interview, Audiofile, 2008



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