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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Home Economics Collection, 1951-1976

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Minnesota State University, Mankato,
Memorial Library, University Archives
Home Economics. Collection, 1951- 1976.
MSU Archives Collection 31

Home Economics. MSU Archives Collection 31. 3 Hollinger boxes, 1 cubic foot.


The Home Economics program officially began at Minnesota State University, Mankato in 1948, and continues to this day as Family and Consumer Science (FACS). Since then the program has changed several different divisions/departments in the school, and has continued to educate students about the importance of Home Economics. The collection contains meeting minutes, program reviews, annual reports, and correspondences from the department.

Historical Note:

Since its start in 1948 the Home Economics Department has been in four different schools. In the begging it was part of the Fine and Applied Arts Department, then moved into the School of Education in 1965, in 1978 it moved to the College of Natural Science, Mathematics, and Home Economics, and in 1994 the program moved to its current department of Allied Health and Nursing. The Home Economics program was initially intended for women to learn skills for keeping a good home. One part of the course was to live in a home that was run by the school. Today the department is known as Family and Consumer Science (FACS) and their focus includes: child development, family studies, foods and nutrition, consumerism, housing, textiles, and education.

Family and Consumer Science:

Scope and Content:

The Home Economics Collection contains meeting minutes, correspondences, program reviews, annual reports, and Home Economics Club materials. All of these are important to understanding where the program came from and where it is today. Some of the most valued resources in the collection are the meeting minutes and the annual reports. Both of these give an inside look at what was happening in the department during this time. The meeting minutes discuss classes, dress code, budgets, texts used in the classes, and admission into the program. The annual reports discuss the purposes of the curriculum, students in the program, descriptions of classes, home economics club, and program goals. Between the meeting minutes and annual reports one can gain a very good understanding of the Home Economics department, but it is also important to look at the other materials to have a complete picture of the Home Economics program.


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Home Economics. Archives Collection, 1951-19. MSU Archives Collection 31, Memorial Library, Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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MSU Archives Collection 31BoxFolder
Annual Reports, 1955-1956; 1956-195719
Annual Report, 1957-195821
Annual Report, 1958-195922
Annual Reports, 1959-196323
Annual Reports, 1963-196924
Brochures, 1953-1960; 1969; 198212
Correspondences, April 10, 1951-May 8, 197332
Home Economics Club, 1954-195513
Home Economics Club Slides, 197635
Home Economics Department Survey, Spring 195114
Home Economics Department Program Review, 1971-197615
Home Economics Department, Self-Evaluation Report, March 197725
Home Economics Department, Self-Evaluation Report, March 197726
Home Economics Meeting Minutes, September 28, 1955-December 8, 196116
Home Economics Meeting Minutes, 1962-December 9, 196917
Home Economics Meeting Minutes, January 16, 1970-December 9, 197618
Home Economics Survey, May 2-4, 195133
Miscellaneous, 1951-197331
Newsletters to Alumni of Home Economics Department, 1952-196411
A Summary of Entrance Requirements and Costs for Freshmen, 1951 and 195334