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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Student Activities Collection, 1903-Ongoing

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Minnesota State University, Mankato,
Memorial Library, University Archives
Student Activities. Collection, 1903 - Ongoing.
MSU Archives Collection 18

Student Activities. Collection, 1903-Ongoing. MSU Archives Collection 18. 4 records boxes, 10 large newspaper boxes, 1 small newspaper box, 1 small photo box, 2 tubes, 1 button box, 2 textile boxes, 1 oversized folder, 11 cubic feet.


The Student Activities collection consists of materials produced by the respective branches of the Student Activities Office at Minnesota State University, Mankato and its predecessor institutions, beginning in 1903. The collection is divided into five series: General Student Activities Office Materials, IMPACT, Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs), Greek Life, and Non-Traditional Student Group. The collection contains promotional material from concerts, speakers, homecoming, etc. as well as materials from the Panhellenic council, Interfraternity Council and respective fraternities and sororities.

Historical Note:

The Student Activities collection spans a century of campus involvement, organizations, and events. The oldest materials are programs from recitals, concerts, and social gatherings of the Mankato State Normal School. The materials within the "IMPACT" series reflect the greatest consistent time span and highlight the shifts in programming and organizational structure. Here materials can be found that reflect the "Marie Bruce Student Activities Center" era, the Student Leadership Development and Service Learning (SLDSL) era and the shift from University Programs (UP) to the current IMPACT Team. The Greek Life series has less history, in scope, to offer but a great deal of information pertaining to the operational nature of both the Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council beginning in the mid to late 60's. This collection also includes some of Marie Bruce's speeches and note cards as they pertain to the campus events and they provide great insight into the perspective of one of the founding leaders in this institutions Student Activities history.

In 2015, IMPACT rebranded and is now known as Student Events Team.

Scope and Content:

The collection is divided into five series: General Student Activities Office Materials, IMPACT, Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs), Greek Life, and Non-Traditional Student Group.

Office of Student Activities Materials, 1981-Ongoing: The material in this series consists of general items that are generated by the Office of Student Activities but may not belong to a specific branch such as IMPACT or Greek Life. Included in this series are the notes and speeches of Marie Bruce as they pertain to Student Activities.

IMPACT, 1903-Ongoing: The materials in this series are broken into three sub-series.

  • Pre-IMPACT, 1903-1990: This sub-series contains material that pre-date IMPACT but still fall under similar event types and activities such as dances, guest speakers, and musical performances.
  • Organizational, 1967-Ongoing: This sub-series contains information about event planning procedures, the IMPACT TEAM Constitution, video documentation of events, photographs, scrapbooks, and IMPACT event-related news clippings.
  • Promotional, 1989-Ongoing: This sub-series contains primarily promotional posters that have been organized chronologically and by respective event type such as concerts, speakers, special events, homecoming, and cinema. This series also contains promotional pins, a large banner, and t-shirts.

Greek Life, 1963-Ongoing: The materials in this series are broken into two sub-series.

  • Panhellenic Council, 1963-Ongoing: This sub-series contains operational documents from the MSU Panhellenic Council, including many versions of their constitution, recruitment materials, President's Notebooks, and sorority publications.
  • Interfraternity Council, 1966-Ongoing: This sub-series contains operational documents from the MSU Interfraternity Council, including Greek Week planning materials, social probation notices, awards, correspondence, and fraternity publications.

Recognized Student Organizations: No materials to date.

Non-Traditional Student Group: No materials to date.


There are no restrictions on use of this collection for research purposes. The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property and libel laws as they apply.

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Student Activities. Collection, 1903-Ongoing . MSU Archives Collection 18, University Archives, Memorial Library, Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Matthew Denton processed this collection in April 2010.
Mee Xiong made additions to the collection September 2015.
Mee Xiong updated the finding aid July 2016.

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MSU Archives Collection 18BoxFolder
Office of Student Activities Materials Series  
Activities Directory, Publication, 1969-1970146
AmeriCorps State Application, 1995149
Bruce, Marie: Papers and Speeches pertaining to orientation, undated138
Bruce, Marie: Speech Cards135
Bruce, Marie: Speech Cards136
Bruce, Marie: Speeches (undated)137
Calendar of Events, Publication, Fall 1997, Fall 2002, Spring 2002, Fall 2003145
Events, Photographs, Misc., undated, large format151
Governor's Visit Photographs, undated176
High School Leadership Conference Photographs, undated174
Jumpstart and AmeriCorps Photos, undated173
Marie Bruce Student Activities Center Staff Manual, late 1980's, part 1 132
Marie Bruce Student Activities Center Staff Manual, late 1980's, part 2133
Marie Bruce Student Activities Center Staff Manual, late 1980's, part 3134
Miscellaneous Student Activities Photographs, undated175
New Student Record, Publication, 2000, 2001147
Outdoor Activities, Rental Center, Photographs, undated143
Recognized Student Organization Handbook, 2005-2006148
Student Activities Center, Calendars, "The Maverick", Summer 1988 - Spring 1993312
Student Activities Center, Calendars, Summer 1988 - Spring 1993141
Student Activities Center, Newsletters, 1988-1991142
Student Activities Photos, IMPACT and general events, undated171
Student Activities, Calendars, Summer 1986 - Spring 198718
Student Activities, Calendars, Winter 1981 - Spring 198617
IMPACT Series  
Pre-IMPACT Sub-Series  
Prom Dance, Newspaper Clippings, 1926-1929139
Prom Dance, Programs, 1928-1930140
Student Activities, Homecoming Papers, 198919
Student Activities, Homecoming Papers, 1990110
Student Activities, Newspaper Clippings, 1924-195216
Student Activities, Programs, 1903-192211
Student Activities, Programs, 1923-192512
Student Activities, Programs, 1926-192813
Student Activities, Programs, 1928-193314
Student Activities, Programs, 1947-1954; 1962-1966; 1981-198215
Organizational Sub-Series  
3DD (Three Doors Down) Signed Drum Cover, March 2001122
Blues Traveler Drum Cover, 1998123
Frost Days, 1998112
Frost Days, 1999113
Frost Days, 2000114
Frost Days, 2001115
Frost Days, 2002116
Frost Daze, 2006117
Glowstrand Signed Drum Cover, March 2001124
Homecoming, Budget, 2001124
Homecoming, Calendar of Events, 1993118
Homecoming, Packet, 1996119
Homecoming, Packet, 1999144
Homecoming, Packet, 2000120
Homecoming, Packet, 2001122
Homecoming, Packet, 2002125
Homecoming, Packet, 2005126
Homecoming, Parade, 2000121
Homecoming, Parade, 2001123
IMPACT Team Board Member Manuel128
IMPACT, Year-in-Review, DVD, 2007-2008150
IMPACT-related News Clippings, 1991-Ongoing131
Organizational Documents, IMPACT Team Constitution129
Oversized News Clippings, 2007-Ongoing31
Proposals, Requests, Press Releases, Correspondence, 1998-2007130
Scrapbook (Dance Marathon), 1976, 1978, 197953
Scrapbook, (Newspaper clippings) 1994-1996 121
Scrapbook, (Newspaper Clippings), 2007131
Scrapbook, 1967-197051
Scrapbook, 1971-1972, 1977-197852
Scrapbook, 1976-197871
Scrapbook, 1978-198072
Scrapbook, 1980-198291
Scrapbook, 198292
Scrapbook, 1983 101
Scrapbook, 1983-198461
Scrapbook, 1983-1988103
Scrapbook, 1984-198662
Scrapbook, 1985-1986102
Scrapbook, 198663
Scrapbook, 1986-198781
Scrapbook, 1988-198982
Scrapbook, 1989-199083
Scrapbook, 1990111
Scrapbook, 1991112
Scrapbook, 2006-200721
Scrapbook, 2008-200922
Scrapbook, Fall 1992114
Scrapbook, Fall and Winter 1992-1993115
Scrapbook, Spring 1992113
Snow Ball, Program Planning Materials111
Spiral-bound News Clippings, 2005-2006133
Spring Events Week, 2003127
Promotional Sub-Series  
Backyard Bash, Welcome Week, T-shirt, 1999, white186
Battle of the Bands, "Event Staff", T-shirt, Feb. 2006, grey-blue193
"Break!, The Urban Funk Spectacular", T-shirt, undated, white194
C.I.A. Campus Involvement Agent, shirt-cut-to-frame, black161
Campus Invasion, MTV Tour 2004 T-shirt, signed, white185
"Can I Kiss You?", Staff, shirt-cut-to-frame, undated, lime-green165
Cinema Posters (Misc.), undated37
Cinema Posters, 2003, 2005-200938
Concert Posters (Misc.), 1997-200432
Concert Posters, 1997, 2004-200933
Concert Posters, undated34
Danny Roberts Pins (2 Pins), undated410
Entertainer, Promotional Headshots, Photos, undated152
Frost Days Pins (10 pins), 199941
Frost Days Pins (12 pins), 200042
Frost Days Pins (9 pins), 200143
High School Leadership Institute, "Oh the Places You Will Go", shirt-cut-to-frame, Summer 1999, white168
Homecoming Pins (6 pins), 1997-1999, 2007, 200944
Homecoming Posters, 1989, 1992,1995,1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004-200639
Homecoming Posters, 2007-2009310
IMPACT Turtle, "Think Big, Start Small, Make an IMPACT", long-sleeved shirt, undated, black 183
IMPACT, Arts and Lecture, Mankato State University, long-sleeved shirt, undated, purple195
IMPACT, Homecoming, "Lifeguard: Ride the Tide of Maverick Pride", T-shirt, 2005, purple192
IMPACT, long-sleeved shirt, 2002-2003, blue196
IMPACT, Special Events, 1993,1995, 1996, 1999-2001, undated134
IMPACT, Special Events, 2005-2009135
Jumpstart, "I think I can", shirt-cut-to-frame, undated, orange1610
Mankato State University, Student Development, Programs and Activities, banner, purple and gold, undatedWall1
Mav Card Skit/Cheer Team, Orientation Video, VHS and DVD duplicate, undated25
MavAve, CSU Grand Opening T-shirt, 2005, grey182
Misc. MSU Pins (2 pins), undated47
Misc. Organization Pins (4 pins), undated49
MSU "Under the Stars", Homecoming T-shirt, 2004, white 181
MSU Celebrate Diversity, shirt-cut-to-frame, undated, purple167
MSU Homecoming, "I Finished the Maverick 5K", shirt-cut-to-frame, 2005, yellow164
Organizational Advertising Posters, 1995-2003311
Oversized Wall Photos, undated Map  
Penguin Willy Pins (4 pins), undated45
Posters (Misc.), 2005132
"Rock the Vote", banner, signed, undatedWall2
Snowed in at MSU Pins (3 pins), 200846
Speaker Posters (Misc.), 1996-200235
Speaker Posters, 2000, 2006-200936
Spring Events Week, T-shirt, 2001, tie-dye 184
Spring Fever Pins (1 pin), 200048
Welcome Students, SLD&SL, shirt-cut-to-frame, undated, tie-dye169
YogaWorks, "I Chattarange, Do You?", shirt-cut-to-frame, cream162
Greek Life Series  
Panhellenic Sub-Series  
Award From National Panhellenic Conference and Correspondence, 1969, 1973-1975, 1979, 19801447
Beta Sigma Rush Workshop Materials, 19911427
College Panhellenics Manual, 19891424
Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority Materials, 1996, 199814 
Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Kappa Theta Chapter, papers, 1963, 19651441
Installation Program, Alpha Gamma Delta (May 20, 1967) 1443
Junior Panhellenic Materials, 19981430
Junior Panhellenic, 19711417
"The Lyre of Alpha Chi Omega", Magazine publication, 1965, 19661442
Mankato State University Greek Woman of the Year, Plaque, 1987-199624
Marie Bruce, Panhellenic speech materials, undated, 1966-19671444
National Panhellenic Conference Manual, 19891425
Panhellenic Association, Constitution and Bylaws, Revised Edition, Fall 19991434
Panhellenic Council Papers, undated, 1970-1971, 1973, 1974, 19761446
Panhellenic Council, 1967-1968144
Panhellenic Council, 1968-19691410
Panhellenic Council, 1969-19701413
Panhellenic Council, Constitution, Minutes, Rush, 1966-1967142
Panhellenic Council, Greek Week, 19701414
Panhellenic Council, President's Notebook, 1967-19681411
Panhellenic Council, President's Notebook, Letters, 1967-1968148
Panhellenic Council, President's Notebook, Minutes, 1967-1968145
Panhellenic Council, President's Notebook, Misc., 1967-1968149
Panhellenic Council, President's Notebook, National Materials, 1967-1968147
Panhellenic Council, President's Notebook, Reports, 1967-1968146
Panhellenic Newsletter, Dec. 2004 - Nov. 20061439
Panhellenic, 1964-1965141
Panhellenic, Constitution, 1971 and 19801420
Panhellenic, Constitution, 19891426
Panhellenic, Minutes, 1967143
Panhellenic, President's Materials Misc., 1971-19721419
Panhellenic, Quarterly Membership and Minutes, 19711418
Panhellenic, Rush Counselor's Handbook, 19881422
Panhellenic, Rush Materials, 19891423
Panhellenic, Rush, 19711416
Panhellenic, Scholarships, 19711415
Panhellenic, Treasurer's Materials, 1980-19811421
Panhellenic, Workshop Materials, 1968, 1970-19711412
Papers Pertaining to Panhellenic by Marie Bruce, 19741445
PHC (Pan-Hellenic Council), Formal Rush Policies, 19931428
PHC, President's Materials, 19981433
PHC, Risk Management, 19981432
PHC, Treasurer's Materials, 19981431
Reports to National Panhellenic College, 1967-19801448
Rho Chi Pin414
Rho Chi Recruitment, Fall 19961429
Rho Chi Training Materials, Undated1440
Rush, Sorority Fair, 20001435
Sorority Buttons415
Sorority Recruitment Materials, 20031438
Sorority Recruitment, 2000, 2002, and 20031436
Sorority Recruitment, Rules and Guidelines, 20031437
Interfraternity Council (IFC) Sub-Series  
"The Advisor's Corner" Newsletter, 20051546
Annual Greek Composites, Delta Phi Epsilon (97-98), Kappa Sigma (96-98), Tau Kappa Epsilon (95-96), Sigma Nu (95-96, 97-98)313
Epsilon Eta Chapter, 20th Anniversary Directory, 19901566
"Fraternities at Mankato State College" Publication, 19661565
Fraternity and Sorority Bid Cards, 2001, 2003, 2004, 20051530
Fraternity and Sorority Publications, Undated, 19741560
Fraternity Recruitment, 19981513
Greek Academic Report, 2003-20041540
Greek Directory, 19731562
Greek Directory, 1992-19931563
Greek Judicial Board Materials, 1988155
Greek Life Photos, undated172
"Greek News" Publication, Spring 19931564
Greek Photographs, undated1571
Greek President's Council, 1979151
Greek Social Function Planning Form, 19991516
Greek Sponsored - Children's Miracle Network Dance Marathon, 19991518
Greek Standards of Excellence and Statement of Relationship, 1988156
Greek Week, Awards Banquet, 1998 and 20001515
Greek Week, Budget, 20011528
Greek Week, Budget, 20021535
Greek Week, Committee and Event Chair Application Form, 19991519
Greek Week, Event Plans and Supplies, 20011523
Greek Week, Event Plans and Supplies, 20021531
Greek Week, Judging, 20011527
Greek Week, Misc., 20021536
Greek Week, Packet, 20001521
Greek Week, Packet, 20011525
Greek Week, Packet, 20021533
Greek Week, Points and Judging, 20021534
Greek Week, Registration, 20011526
Greek Week, Reservations, 20011524
Greek Week, Reservations, 20021532
Greek Week, Video, VHS and DVD duplicate, 200426
Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol, 19981514
IFC Pin414
IFC, Agenda and Minutes, 1988153
IFC, Alcohol Policy, 1991-1992, 1998-19991512
IFC, Calendar, Fall 20051549
IFC, Committee Chairman Application, 20051550
IFC, Community Service Hours, 1991-19921510
IFC, Constitution and Bylaws, 1988154
IFC, Constitution and Bylaws, Statement of Relationship, Greek Standards, 1999, 20051520
IFC, Correspondence, 1991-1992159
IFC, Executive Meeting Minutes, Spring 20051547
IFC, General and Executive Meeting Minutes, 2002-20041538
IFC, General Meeting Agenda, January 2005 - April 20061551
IFC, Misc.,1991-19921511
IFC, President, Documents: Greek Standards and Statement of Relationship, 20041543
IFC, President, Papers and Correspondence, 20041542
IFC, Recruitment, 2002-20031537
IFC, Rush Materials, 1989-1992158
IFC, Social Probation Notices, 2003, 2005, 20061541
IFC, Student Organization Information, 2005-20061553
IFC, VP Applications, 2004-20061544
IFC, VP of Council Management, Materials, 2001-20051529
IFC, VP of Member Development and Academic Affairs, Education Manuals, 20051556
IFC, VP of Member Development and Academic Affairs, Misc., Fall 20051555
IFC, VP of Member Development, Academic Resource Manual, 20031554
IFC, VP of Programming, Correspondence, 20051559
IFC, VP of Programming, Events, 20021558
IFC, VP of Programming, Goals, Undated1557
IFC, VP of Recruitment, Materials, 2005-20061552
IFC, VP of Risk Management, Materials, 20051548
IFC/PHC Fall Recruitment, 19991517
iFraternity Button415
Installation Program, Lambda Chi Alpha (Nov. 12, 1966)1567
Interfraternity Council Newsletter, 2004-20061545
Involve U, MSU Sororities and Fraternities, T-shirt, undated, yellow191
Kappa Sigma Fraternity Materials, 1989-2003, part 11568
Kappa Sigma Fraternity Materials, 1989-2003, part 21569
Kappa Sigma Fraternity Materials, 1989-2003, part 31570
Mankato State University Greek Man of the Year, Plaque, 1989-199823
Materials on Fraternities and Sororities, 19791561
The Model IFC Handbook, 1988152
MSU Fraternities and Sororities, Catch the Maverick Spirit, Welcome Week, shirt-cut-to-frame, 2002, orange163
MSU Greek Week, "Greek Life... Priceless", shirt-cut-to-frame, 2002, white166
Order of Omega, Application, 20031539
Rush Publications, 1990's157
Scholarship Workshop, 2000-20011522