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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

University Archives

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University Archives

The University Archives is the official repository of the records of Minnesota State University, Mankato. The Archives contains records from the creation of the Mankato State Normal School in 1868 to the present.

These guides to the collections provide short summaries of the scope, history and significance of the collections as well as detailed inventories of their contents. Please note that these collections are governed by strict copyright rules.

University Archives Collections: Numerical by Call Number

Collection Call Number

State University System / MnSCU / Minnesota State. Collection, 1859-Ongoing.

MSU 10

University General Records. Collection, 1868-Ongoing.

MSU 12

President's Office. Collection, 1867-Ongoing.

MSU 13

Academic Affairs. Collection, 1916-Ongoing.

MSU 14

Student Affairs. Collection, 1916-Ongoing.

MSU 15

Institutional Research. Collection, 1921 - Ongoing.

MSU 16

Student Government Records. Collection, 1907 - Ongoing.

MSU 17

Student Activities. Collection, 1903 - Ongoing.

MSU 18

Homecoming Papers. Collection, 1928 - Ongoing.

MSU 19

Old Main Cornerstone. Collection, 1869-1969.

MSU 22

College of Education. Collection, 1886-Ongoing.

MSU 23

College of Graduate Studies. Collection, 1953 - Ongoing.

MSU 24

Human Performance. Collection, 1925-Ongoing.

MSU 25

University Athletics. Collection, 1925-Ongoing.

MSU 26

College of Business. Collection, 1946-Ongoing.

MSU 27

College of Arts and Humanities. Collection, 1937-Ongoing.

MSU 28

College of Social and Behavior Sciences. Collection, 1961 - Ongoing.

MSU 29

Home Economics. Collection, 1951 - 1976.

MSU 31

College of Science, Engineering, and Technology 1938-Ongoing.

MSU 32

KMSU Radio. Collection, 1983 - Ongoing.

MSU 40

Commencement. Collection, 1870-Ongoing.

MSU 46

Extended Campus/Continuing Education. Collection, 1957-Ongoing.

MSU 99

Registrar's Office. Collection, 1870-Ongoing.

MSU 100

School of Nursing. Collection, 1947-Ongoing.

MSU 101

Finance and Administration. Collection, 1937-Ongoing.

MSU 109

Video Services. Collection, 1985-ongoing.

MSU 110

Library Media Education. Collection, 1965-1995.

MSU 111

History Department, 1968-2007.

MSU 112

Physics and Astronomy Department, 1985-Ongoing.

MSU 113

Mass Communication Department, 1972-Ongoing.

MSU 114

Theatre and Dance Department. Collection, 1964 - Ongoing.

MSU 115

Music Department. Collection, 1964-Ongoing.

MSU 116

School Progress. Collection, 1919-1971.

MSU 128

University Student Publications. Collection, 1888-Ongoing.

MSU 130

Unofficial University Student Publications. Collection, 1926-Ongoing.

MSU 131

Directories. Collection, 1927-Ongoing.

MSU 149

MSU Catalogues. Collection, 1870-Ongoing.

MSU 154

Valley Campus Physical Education Building Cornerstone. Collection, 1909-1940.

MSU 161

Undergraduate Research Center. Collection, 1999 - Ongoing.

MSU 164

MSU Library Services. Collection, 1911-Ongoing.

MSU 167

Career Development and Placement Office. Placement Center Student Records, c. 1911-1931.

MSU 168

Administrative Services. Collection, 1901-1993.

MSU 170

University Advancement. Collection, 1939-Ongoing.

MSU 200

Minnesota State University, Mankato Forensics Program. Collection. 1874-Ongoing.

MSU 213

Costume, Apparel and Memorabilia. Collection, 1940-Ongoing.

MSU 220

National Council for Geographic Education.  Collection, 1915-Ongoing

MSU 301

Miller, George J, 1880-1973. Collection, 1865-1988.

MSU 302

Mundale, Charles, 1929-.  Correspondence, 1939-1972.

MSU 303

Westlund, Larry. Photographs, 1960s.

MSU 306

Wilson Campus School. Collection, 1917-2002

MSU 307

University Photograph Collection. Photographs, 1868 - Ongoing

MSU 309

Online Audiovisual Catalogers (OLAC). Collection, 1980 - Ongoing

MSU 310