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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota Historical Society Project Overview

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About the MHS Scrapbook Collection Index

Project Description

The indexing of the MHS Scrapbook Collection was completed at Minnesota State University, Mankato in the early 1990s under the direction of Dr. William E. Lass. Student assistants in the Southern Minnesota Historical Center (SMHC) looked through the scrapbooks on microfilm and indexed citations for topics, locations, and individuals onto 3x5 index cards. The index was microfilmed in 1994 and acquired by several libraries. In 2010 the student assistants in the Archives completed entering the data from the index cards into a database.

MHS Scrapbook Collection - Overview

The MHS (Minnesota Historical Society) Scrapbook Collection is available for research at the Southern Minnesota Historical Center as well as the Minnesota Historical Society. It is in microfilm format and consists of clippings compiled from Minnesota newspapers by Minnesota Historical Society staff on a variety of topics relating to Minnesota history, biography, and geographical locations from 1861-1922. The volumes are arranged in roughly chronological order by year or years and broad topical subjects. Each scrapbook also includes an index at the end of the volume. There are 27 rolls of microfilm.

The clippings cover many topics including the Dakota Conflict of 1862, the Civil War, Governor John A. Johnson and other prominent Minnesotans, the Minnesota Historical Society, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Mankato and other areas of Minnesota beyond the Twin Cities. The scrapbooks are labeled as volumes and the collection includes, volumes 1-74, 76-83, 96 (volumes 75, 84-95 are missing).

MSU Guide to the Collection:

MHS Scrapbook Collection Index - Overview

This index covers the MHS Scrapbooks volumes 1-74, 76-83, and 96; volumes 75 and 84-95 are missing. Topics, locations, and individuals from the scrapbooks are indexed. Each listing includes the volume and page number as well as the reel of microfilm where it can be located. There are also indicators if the clipping includes a photograph or an illustration.

For informational purposes the volumes associated with each reel of microfilm are listed.

Reel Volumes Reel Volumes
1 1-2-3 15 43-44-45
2 4-5-6 16 46-47-48
3 7-8-9 17 49-50-51
4 10-11-12 18 52-53-54
5 13-14-15 19 55-56-57
6 16-17-18 20 58-59-60
7 19-20-21 21 61-62-63
8 22-23-24 22 64-65-66
9 25-26-27 23 67-68-69
10 28-29-30 24 70-71-72-73
11 31-32-33 25 74-76-77
12 34-35-36 26 78-79-80-81
13 37-38-39 27 82-83-96
14 40-41-42    


Online MHS Scrapbook Collection Index

In 2005 student assistants in the SMHC began entering the data from the index cards into a Microsoft Access database. The data entry was completed in 2010. The Library Systems area dedicated Graduate Assistant time to the creation of the searchable online database which became available in 2011.

Project Contributors (2005-2011)


Project Managers
Daardi Sizemore, C.A., Archives and Special Collections Librarian
Anne Stenzel, Archives Technician

Online Database Development
Peg Lawrence, Systems Librarian
Dawn Clyne, Information Technology Specialist
Shajia Sharmin, Systems Graduate Assistant
Malaka Khlok, Systems Graduate Assistant

Data Entry
Emily Battcher, Student Assistant
Derek Barlage, Student Assistant
Alyssa Benning, Student Assistant
Robertlyn Boyce, Student Assistant
Jeff Brand, Student Assistant
Andrew Cole, Student Assistant
Megan Eisenbraun, Student Assistant
Brittany Hagert, Student Assistant
Stephanie Honsey, Student Assistant
Roba Lolo, Student Assistant
Ginelle Meissner, Student Assistant
Anna Melzer, Student Assistant
Jeremy Pedersen, Student Assistant
Jessica Tix, Student Assistant
Song Yang, Student Assistant

Many additional student workers, graduate assistants, and librarians worked on this project when it was originally created. Dr. William E. Lass, Director of the Southern Minnesota Historical Center was the driving force behind the creation of this index. His work made the online index possible.