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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Date Range of Scrapbooks is 1861 - 1922.

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2503 Crothers, Helen Mar (Mrs. James) see Tarble, Helen
2504 Crothers, Samuel McChord (Rev.)
2501 Crousol, Joseph
2506 Crow Ghost
14429 Crow Wing
14430 Crow Wing County
14431 Crow Wing River
2505 Crowell, Robert F. (Judge)
2507 Crowl, William Henry
2508 Crowley, C. M.
2509 Crowley, Philip
2510 Cruenell, Paul
14432 Crump Hall, Faribault
2511 Crunelle, Leonard
2512 Crutcheon, Peter
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