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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Date Range of Scrapbooks is 1861 - 1922.

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Auto Number Name or Subject
11926 Taylor, W.R.
11927 Taylor, William Henry Harrison
11928 Taylor, Zachary
11935 Te-he-do-ne-cha (One who Forbids His House)
11943 Te-Ne-Ze-Pah
11929 Teal, C.
11930 Teas, Charles O.
11931 Teasdale, T. W.
17612 Technical Night School - St. Paul
11933 Tecumeseh, sister of
11932 Tecumseh
11934 Tefft, Nathaniel Stacy (Dr.)
11936 Teig, Andrew
11937 Teigen, John H.
17613 Telegraph
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