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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Date Range of Scrapbooks is 1861 - 1922.

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3168 Du Toit, George A.
3084 Duane, F.T. (Rev.)
3085 Duane, William
3086 Dube, August
3087 Dubeau, Alexandria
3088 Dubeau, Mrs. Alexandria
3089 DuBois, E. V. (Rev.)
3090 Dubray, Peter
11396 Ducan, Julius H. See Stakemann, Julius
3091 Duclos, J.B.
3092 Dudley, Hannah (Mrs. John) nee Babbidge
3093 Dudley, Joseph Francis (Dr.)
3094 Dudrey, Aaron Melville
3095 Dueber, Charles
3097 Duff, Hugh
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