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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Date Range of Scrapbooks is 1861 - 1922.

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3521 Fairbanks, Charles W.
3523 Fairbanks, John H.
3522 Fairbanks, Mrs. Charles W.
3524 Fairbanks, Robert, Sr.
3553 Fairbault, Alexander
3554 Fairbault, Daniel F.
3556 Fairbault, Jean Baptiste
3525 Fairchild, Caroline F.
3526 Fairchild, Henry Shields
3527 Fairchild, Herman L.
3528 Fairchild, Josiah
3529 Fairclough, George H.
14697 Fairfax, Minnesota
14698 Fairmont
14699 Fairmont - Courthouse
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