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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Kellian Clink

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Kellian Clink

MA, MLS, and Specialist in Educational Leadership
Associate Professor
Voice: (507)389-5152 Fax: (507)389-5155



Primarily, I serve as reference and instruction librarian. I do collection development and instruction primarily in the social sciences. I also provide appointments for individual assistance, such as:

  • Orientation to the library
  • Tours of the library
  • Database searching instruction
  • Internet instruction
  • Research consultation

For class presentations, I often:

  • Create class-related handouts
  • Develop subject bibliographies
  • Collaborate to create Library assignments for classes
  • Provide guides on information resources

Additionally, I serve as library liaison to these departments::



Minnesota State University, Mankato
Mankato, Minnesota
Specialist in Educational Leadership 2004-2005

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
MA School of Journalism, 1983-1990
Alternate Plan Paper: "A Comparison of Small Independent Publishing Houses and Large Corporate Publishing Houses." 1988

University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
M.L.S. 1986

University of Denver
Summer Denver Publishing Institute
Certificate, 1984

Concordia College
Moorhead, Minnesota
BA Major in French, English, minor in philosophy, 1976-1980


Minnesota State University, Mankato Memorial Library
Mankato, MN

  • Reference, Instruction, Collection Development
  • Student advising 1987-present, about 50 students per year
  • Service to library (various terms):
    • Faculty Development Committee
    • Assessment
    • Disaster Awareness
    • ADA
    • Personnel
    • Graduate Faculty
    • a variety of Ad Hoc Committees over the years
  • Service on campus:
    • University's 125th Anniversary Committee 1988-1990.
    • Student Relation Coordinators group, member, 1996-2012.
    • Faculty Association Planning SubMeet 1990-1992.
    • General Education Commission  1991-1993.
    • Invisible Line Trainer  1992-1996.
    • Faculty Association Graduation SubMeet Member, then Co-Chair 1994-1998.
    • Honors Teacher 1996-2006. (McCarthy Era, Japanese-American Camps, Writing Home, History of Books and Printing)
    • Honors Advisory Committee 2004-2005.
    • Honors Director 2008-2010.
    • Commission on the Status of Women, member, then Co-Chair 2002-2005.
    • Mary Jane Young Scholarship Committee  1994-2001.
    • Peer Consultant and Peer Mentor  2004-present
    • History Day Judge 2004-present
    • Diverse Cultures Task Force Co-Chair 2006-2008.
    • Employee Recognition Committee 2008-present
    • Development Committee 2010-present
    • HLC Steering Committee 2011-2012.
    • Reporter Newspaper Board 2012-present
    • 3rd Member, various graduate students' committees 1994-present
    • First year Seminar Instructor 1998-2012.
    • Advising Task Force 2010-2012.
    • Faculty Assoication Research Committee 2011-2013.
    • Faculty Advisor to Sigma Nu, Phi Sigma Pi, and the Alpha Phi Omega.
    • Premajor Advisor 1991-2012, pre-SBS advisor 2012-present
    • Enrollment Management 2012-present
  • Service to the community:
    • Literacy volunteer 1987-1991
    • CADA House Voting Member 1987-1991
    • Hospice Volunteer 2000- present
    • Bereavement Counselor 2011-present
    • Camp Oz Volunteer 2011-present


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Recent Awards:

  • Recipient of Customer Service Award, MSU Employee Recognition Program, 2003.
  • Recipient of Customer Service Award, MSU Employee Recognition Program, 2007.
  • Recipient of Sigma Sigma Sigma Service Award. Spring 2008.
  • Recognition through Women of Vision and Courage Award 2004-2012.
  • Honorary Member, Golden Key International Honour Society.
  • MSSA Award Recipient 2010.
  • Order of Omega Faculty Member of the Year Spring 2012



  • Teacher in the Honors Program. Courses have included the Dakota Conflict and History of Books and Libraries.
  • Conference attendance included a workshop at the Bodleian Library in Oxford, England, the Pacific North West Library Associaton Conference, the ALA Conference and Montana Library Association Conference.