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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Fall 2009

Library Newsletters

Spring/Summer 2009

Library Newsletters

Fall 2008/Winter 2008-2009

Library Newsletters

Good News about the library and library faculty/staff

Spring/Summer 2008

Library Newsletters

Good News about the library and library faculty/staff

Fall 2007/Winter 2007-2008

Library Newsletters

Spring/Summer 2007

Library Newsletters

Good News about the library and library faculty/staff

Fall 2006

Library Newsletters

Good News about the library and library faculty/staff

New Electronic Resources

  • Access Science
  • CIAO - Columbia International Affairs Online
  • CountryWatch
  • Early American Newspapers Series II: 1758-1900
  • Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition
  • Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics
  • Factiva
  • Financial Times
  • IEEE Digital Library
  • Knovel
  • Literary Reference Center
  • MathSciNet
  • Musical America
  • ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Complete
  • Public Documents Masterfile

Spring/Summer 2006

Library Newsletters

Good News about the library and library faculty/staff

New Electronic Resources

  • 19th Century Masterfile
  • American Government
  • ASSIA: Applied Social Sciences Index & Abstracts
  • BHI: British Humanities Index
  • Biography Reference Bank
  • CQ Congress Collection
  • CQ Historic Documents
  • CQ Weekly
  • GeoScienceWorld
  • Global Market Information Database (GMID)
  • Homeland Security Digital Library
  • LISTA: Library, Information Science, & Technology Abstracts
  • netTrekker
  • Physical Education Index
  • Play Index
  • Reference Universe
  • SRDS
  • Testing & Education Reference Center
  • Value Line Investment Survey
  • Women & Social Movements of the US

Fall 2005

Library Newsletters

Good News about the library and library faculty/staff

New Electronic Resources

  • Alt-Press Watch
  • CentralSearch - searches most of our resources simultaneously
  • Early American Newspapers
  • SAGE Collections - full image articles from SAGE journals in 10 subject collections: Communication Studies; Criminology; Education; Management & Organization Studies; Materials Science; Nursing & Health Sciences; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology; and Urban Studies & Planning
  • Scopus
  • ViewsWire
  • Wilson Mega Omnifile

Spring/Summer 2005

Library Newsletters

Good News about the library and library faculty/staff


New Electronic Resources

  • Access World News
  • AnthroSource (full text anthropology journals)
  • ARTstor
  • ASCE Journals
  • Chemical Abstracts (SciFinder Scholar)
  • Children's Literature Comprehensive Database
  • ComDisDome
  • Euromonitor
  • General Reference Center Gold
  • Health & Wellness Resource Center
  • Historical New York Times
  • Humanities/Social Science Index Retrospective
  • Reader's Guide Retrospective
  • Technology Research Database: comprises Aerospace & High Technology Database; ANTE; Civil Engineering Abstracts; Computer & Information Systems Abstracts; Earthquake Engineering Abstracts; Electronics & Communication Abstracts; Environmental Engineering Abstracts; Materials Research Database with METADEX; Mechanical & Transportation Engineering Abstracts; Mechanical Engineering Abstracts (archive); and Solid State & Superconductivity Abstracts.

Fall 2004

Good News about the library and library faculty/staff
-- September 2004
-- October 2004
-- November 2004
-- December 2004

New Electronic Resources
ACM Digital Library
ANTE: Abstracts in New Technologies and Engineering
Civil Engineering Abstracts
Earthquake Engineering Abstracts
Environmental Engineering Abstracts
Environmental Issues and Policy Index

Spring/Summer 2004

Library Newsletters
January 2004
--Remodeling Completed During Winter Break; Where is MnPALS; Changes in Library Databases; New VPN Provides Secure Remote Access to Library Databases; Ask Questions Online; Open Instruction Sessions

Good News about the library and library faculty/staff
-- Summer 2004

MINITEX signed a contract with Ebsco for the ELM databases, to begin July 1st, 2004. This means we no longer have access to half of the InfoTrac resources, including:

  • Business & Company Resource Center
  • Computer Database
  • Contemporary Authors
  • Expanded Academic ASAP
  • General Business File
  • General Reference Center
  • Health & Wellness Resource Center
  • Health Reference Center

Instead of the InfoTrac resources, we will have access to these Ebsco databases:

  • Academic Search Premiere
  • Business Source Premiere
  • MasterFILE Premiere
  • Regional Business News

New Electronic Resources

ABI/Inform - full text added
Academic Search Premiere
American Chemical Society Archives
APS PROLA (physics)
BioOne: Journal collection for Biology & related fields
Books in Print
Business Source Premiere
Columbia Earthscape
Communication & Mass Media Complete
Euclid Prime & Euclid Select
JSTOR Arts and Sciences IV Collection
JSTOR Arts and Sciences Complement Collection
Lippincott's Clinical Choice: Nursing E-books
LISA: Library & Information Science Abstracts
MasterFILE Premiere
Mergent: Company Data & Annual Reports
Oxford English Dictionary
Philosopher's Index
RefWorks: Bibliographic Citation Manager
Regional Business News
Science Online
xreferplus (reference books online)

Fall 2003

Library Newsletters
November 2003
--Online Migration: WebPALS to MnPALS and Music Library and Educational Resource Center Will Close for Remodeling
October 2003
--Changes, Changes and Open Instruction Sessions Scheduled

Good News about the library and library faculty/staff
-- September/October 2003

New Materials for Fall 2003

-- August 2003 -- September 2003
-- October 2003
-- November 2003
-- December 2003

New Electronic Resources
JSTOR Arts and Sciences III Collection
Kids InfoBits
Newspapers Collection increases from 5 full text papers to 250+ full text papers

Spring/Summer 2003

Library Newsletters
April 2003
-- Spring Database Trials, Disaster Planning in the Library, MINITEX Cuts and Increasing Subscription Costs Threaten Library Funding, Interlibrary Loan Expands Electronic Delivery of Articles, Interlibrary Loan of Videos
February 2003
-- Renovation Project in the ERC, Information Relocation, and Database Changes.

Good News about the library and library faculty/staff
-- Summer
-- April
-- December/January

Workshop 2003
Interiors 101

New Materials for Spring/Summer 2003

-- July 2003
-- June 2003
-- May 2003
-- April 2003
-- March 2003
-- February 2003
-- January 2003

New Electronic Resources

Art Full Text
Emerald FullText
JSTOR Arts and Sciences II Collection
SIRS Interactive Textbooks: Economics; World Affairs


Fall 2002

Library Newsletters
October 2002
-- Updates in Archives, Books, Camcorders and Digital Cameras, Databases, Government Publications, Interlibrary Loan, Laptops and LCD Projectors, Microsoft Office, and Staff.
-- Fall Database Trials

Good News about the library and library faculty/staff

-- August/September

New Materials for Fall 2002

-- August 2002
-- September 2002
-- October 2002
-- November 2002
-- December 2002

Spring/Summer 2002

Library Newsletters
March 2002
-- Book Sale Scheduled
-- SerialsSolutions Helps Users Locate Journals
-- Media in the Classroom: Copyright, Fair Use, & Videos

January 2002
-- Change in Video Policy Improve Service
-- Electronic Reserve Meets Students' Needs
-- Virtual Reference Implemented as Pilot Project
-- Check out These Government Documents
-- Citation Searches to be Subsidized for Faculty
-- NASA and CCYAB Collections Move to the Library
-- Schedule a Library Tour

Good News about the library and library faculty/staff
-- Summer
-- May
-- April
-- March
-- January/February

Workshop 2002
Generation Y Comes to the Library...Or Not.

New Materials for Spring/Summer 2002

-- March 2002
-- April 2002
-- May 2002
-- June 2002
-- July 2002

Serials List
A comprehensive, alphabetical list of journals, magazines, and newspapers in print, microform, and electronic formats

New Electronic Resources
Alternative Press Index (via FirstSearch)
Children's Catalog (via Wilson Web)
CQ Researcher
Essay Finder
Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians Online
JSTOR Business Collection
LLBA: Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (via Cambridge)
Middle and Junior High School Library Catalog (via Wilson Web)
Oxford Reference Online
ScienceDirect (from Elsevier)
Senior High School Library Catalog (via Wilson Web)
SIRS Interactive Citizenship

Fall Semester 2001

Library Newsletters
November 2001
-- Trials to CQ Database, PsycArticles, & CSA

October 2001
-- What's New at the Library
-- Introducing Library Faculty
-- MSU Authors Collection
-- LIbrary Services Implements Electronic Resources

Good News about the library and library faculty/staff
-- November
-- October
-- September

New Electronic Resources

Business & Company Resource Center (via InfoTrac)
EssayGenLit (via FirstSearch)
GeoRef - New vendor; now includes abstracts
Health & Wellness Resource Center (via InfoTrac)
Kraus Curriculum Development Library
Sanborn Maps of Minnesota

New Videos and DVDs

Spring Semester 2001

Library Newsletters
May 2001
-- Circulation Consolidation
-- Electronic Books Now Available
-- Final Construction Notes

April 2001

-- Celebrate National Library Week
-- Check Out These Government Documents
-- April Renovations Bring Office Moves
-- New Electronic Resources

March 2001

-- Library Remodeling Continues, Office Moves Begin
-- Reduced Costs for Microfiche/Microfilm Copying
-- Electronic Delivery for Interlibrary Loan Articles
-- Reference Consulation Service Available

February 2001

-- Library Offers New Services for Students at a Distance
-- Does the Library have my Texbooks?
-- Changes in ERC Collections and Services

January 2001
-- Library Collections Shifted
-- Office Construction Begins

Spring Semester 2001, continued

New Electronic Resources
ACS Web Editions (full text)
AgeLine (via Cambridge)
Applied Science & Technology Abstracts Full Text (via H.W. Wilson)
Biography Index (via FirstSearch)
Book Review Digest (via FirstSearch)
Business Abstracts (via FirstSearch)
E*Subscribe (ERIC Documents)
Ethnic NewsWatch
General Science Abstracts (via FirstSearch)
JSTOR Botany/Ecology Collection
Nursing Journals (via ProQuest)
Political Science Abstracts (via Cambridge)
Psychology Journals (via ProQuest)
Reviews of Modern Physics

Periodicals sent to the Minnesota Library Access Center

-- in title order
-- in call number order

Fall Semester 2000

Library Newsletters
December 2000  
--Whatever Happened to MnLINK?
--Library Shifts Slated for Interim
--New Government Documents at the Library            
November 2000
--Database Trials Provide Research Opportunities             
October 2000
--Memorial LIbrary Construction Update:  A Moving Experience
--Periodical Volumes go to Access Center

Fall Semester 2000, continued

New Electronic Resources
ABI/Inform Global
AccuNet/AP Photo Archive
AIDSearch (via BiblioLine)
America: History and Life
Biography and Genealogy Master Index
Child Abuse & Neglect (via BiblioLine)
Compendex (ei Village)
Criminal Justice Periodical Index
eBooks (from netLibrary via MINITEX)
E*Subscribe (ERIC Documents)
Ethnic NewsWatch
Grove Dictionary of Art Online
Historical Abstracts
Lexis-Nexis Statistical Universe
Moody's News Reports (FISonline)
Newspaper Collection
Social Work Abstracts (Silverplatter)
SPORT Discus (1975-2000) (Silverplatter)
Value Line Investment Survey
Women's Resources International (via BiblioLine)

Spring Semester 2000

New Electronic Resources
AccuNet/AP Photo Archive
Education Full Text
MLA Bibliography
Sociological Abstracts
Social Services Abstracts

Fall Semester 1999

New Electronic Resources
ComAbstracts and CIOS Sociological Abstracts

New Electronic Journals Available

The American Journal of Human Genetics
The Astronomical Journal
The Astrophysical Journal
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Spring Semester 1999

New Electronic Resources
Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe
New Campus Site License for Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe (2/1/99)
New Databases Trial: MLA & Mental Measurements Yearbook (2/19/99)
Trial to All FirstSearch Databases now available (2/1/99)

Fall Semester 1998

New Electronic Resources
Sociofile (Sociological Abstracts)

Spring Semester 1998
New Electronic Resources
Academic Press IDEAL (full text)
Plant Science Database
Stat USA

Fall Semester 97
New Electronic Resources
Britannica Online
InfoTrac SearchBank

Spring Semester 97

New Electronic Resources
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
Project Muse
January 1996 (V1, N1)

Library Resources Newsletter
--Introducing the Library Director
--Around the World on the 44th Parallel
--Online Interlibrary Loan
--AskRef: An electronic reference service
--New Outdoor Bookdrop
--Older Issues of the Newsletter of the Library Resources Newsletter