Urumqi Ceramic Panel

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For more information about Joyce Kozloff's artwork at the Minnesota State University, Mankato library, you can also read Around the World on the 44th Parallel in the January 1996 issue of Library Resources Newsletter.

Urumqi panel Photos D. W. Allan)
Urumqi Ceramic Panel
(Left Half)
Urynqi Ceramic Panel
(Right Half)

Urumqi, China, lies in the traditionally Muslim region of the country on the old silk route. The panel incorporates imagery from mosque complexes in neighboring Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

In three sets of four panels each, Joyce Kozloff depicts cities located near the 44th parallel around the globe. Each four by seventeen-foot panel is composed of foot-square ceramic tiles applied to the wall surface with an adhesive. The project was commissioned through the Minnesota Percent for Art in Public Places, sponsored by the Minnesota State Arts Board. The work was created at the Tile Guild in Los Angeles and installed in Minnesota State University, Mankato's Memorial Library in June 1995.